Zodiac sign soulmates: Astrology's guide to true love

If you believe in zodiac sign soulmates, you surely know the fundamentals. You know which indicators are suitable and which ones irritate you. Where will you find this particular someone? Knowing who you're meant to be with is half the fight won.


Aries is confident, thus a pushover will never work. They get a second date if they can capture your eye from across the room, talk, and be shameless about their aspirations.


The finest things in life take time, and Taurus seldom falls in love at first sight. If you want a relationship that can blossom naturally, you have to put yourself out there and give people a chance instead of running away at the first indication of difficulties.


The life of the party, Gemini always has everyone's attention. If you desire something more, check beyond their meme-sharing talents to see if they can manage your free spirit.  


The moon rules this deep, emotional sign, which is known for being a homebody. If they will miss Saturday night for snuggling on the couch and sharing childhood recollections, you have a winner.


Leo, the zodiac's star, turns attention everywhere. Someone on your arm who understands when to step aside and let you shine is great. It's your favorite thing to pamper your lover with love and care.


Mercury-ruled signs are careful and inquisitive, so they don't like dating's flash and sparkle. Instead, look for someone who will dig deeper—bonus points if they can recall your preferences without being reminded.


Venus-ruled, you fall in love easily. To prevent being harmed, you must identify what you want in a partner: someone who puts you first, treats you like an equal, and takes the lead in challenging situations.


Despite the hype, Scorpio has loved and lost like everyone else. Instead of waiting for perfection, search for someone who is willing to work on themselves and put in the work to make your relationship succeed.


Sagittarius doesn't slow down easy, so why be with someone who can't? Instead, choose someone with unique hobbies who will broaden your horizons.


Saturn-ruled Capricorns value structure and discipline in love. With little patience for fools, you want someone who can fit into your life long-term.


Why spend when you can stay home? If they are prepared to leave the party early, take the scenic route, and get to know you beyond what people see, you may have met the one.


Neptune rules this sign, which loves extravagant gestures and love. However, since you tend to place yourself second in relationships, it may be time to find someone who supports your goals as much as theirs.

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