Your zodiac sign sort of friend?

Although it may seem odd to determine your friend type based on your zodiac sign, it is well known that adulthood is harder than sharing a lunchbox on the playground. Certain personality qualities may be helping you attract like-minded people.


People look to you to bring the fun back into life when life gets boring. Your passion makes a last-minute road trip or sneaking into a sold-out event fun.


Your friends turn to you in hard times because of your loyalty and stability. You listen to everyone without prejudice and provide a safe environment to feel all their feelings.


As the zodiac's social butterfly, you hop from group to group, spreading laughter. When your friends have you to find the positive in difficult times, life seems less daunting.


Your maternal instinct makes you watch your friends' backs, lend a shoulder, and go mother hen to avenge any wrongdoings against your brood.


As a natural leader, you know what's best for everyone, including how to communicate devotion with presents, such as recognising which LBD your best friend wants but is too frightened to try or when to eject her from the nest so she can experience life.


Aries' huge ambitions are planned by you because of your problem-solving temperament. Virgo, you're the glue that holds the group together—even if someone else gets all the credit—by sending out invites, explaining who will be picked up and where, and making sure the trains run on time.


Your passionate nature makes mature friendships as magical as falling in love. The same exhilarating surge of inside jokes, small acts of affection—maybe some surprise desserts delivered to their desk throughout the workday—and late-night chats about life's purpose characterises your first meeting.


Knowing you'll take them to your grave, your friends feel secure confiding in you. You may also sense what your buddies aren't saying and know how to get them to open up.


Your buddies know they're in for a wild ride when they join you on your lifelong adventure, Sagittarius. You never know where the night will end when someone is with you, from helping teens violate curfew to pushing adults out of their comfort zones.


Consistent and realistic, you invite them in slowly but stay for the long term. It won't matter if time, distance, or last-minute plans keep you from communicating, your friends will still need you.


You understand the need for personal space, so you don't cause drama in the group chat over every blue-ticked message or cancelled lunch. Friendship is elective. Despite being a low-maintenance buddy, you help your friends—they may just need to find you first.


FBI agents creative and empathic could find world peace with your supernatural knowledge. Your friends' cryptic "I prefer strolling in the rain because no one can see I'm crying" posts and how many pints of ice cream they need while they say everything is OK are obvious to you as the first to recognise danger.

Stay tuned for developments.