Your Thanksgiving Duties in Accordance with Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology can tell you how your zodiac sign spends Thanksgiving. Whether you're a veteran host or a first-time planner, pull on your apron, grab a glass, and enjoy Thanksgiving's crazy journey.


Leading the zodiac, Aries are full of enthusiasm. You're too busy with your bucket list to wait for life to happen. You want to maximize your day by filling every minute with activities or planned. Holidays normally start with you being the first out of bed and eager to go. Therefore, you should organize the family Turkey Trot this year. 


Taurus appreciates slow life and quiet moments. Thanksgiving lacks tranquility. Taurus is the kitchen's project manager, embracing the chaos. You like caring and producing beauty, so why not handle behind-the-scenes tasks? Taurus, your cooking eye and calmness will make every buffet dish a hit.


Happy, friendly Gemini finds friends everywhere. Play Christmas music from your phone to start the party. Remember partygoers and welcome newcomers. Why? You like family and season's charm. Playing with your nieces and nephews or discussing your sister's unpleasant ex may make people feel heard. This is why you always initiate talks and set the tone.


As Cancer, the zodiac's charming and emotional homebody, you host and make everyone feel good. You value family stories and won't snitch if the kids grab a cookie or two from the kitchen dish before supper. You're the only one with emotional intelligence can read social signs and set the tone.


Leos are creative overdoers. You love to do shows, even on holidays. You go all out to make sure everyone enjoys the holidays, from getting matching pajamas to shooting the perfect family photos for the book. It makes you the unofficial master of ceremonies at any gathering. Zodiac project managers handle behind-the-scenes while you keep everyone pleased.


You enjoy festive excess, but Virgo prefers simplicity and subtlety. You have your Christmas list planned and ready before summer ends, and nobody decorates as well as you. That may mean putting up the Christmas tree and lights before Thanksgiving.


Libra appreciates family and holiday leisure. As long as you can be with your family, you're happy to help with everything, from cooking to finding Grandma's gifts. If you can break the wishbone, your favorite Thanksgiving tradition, you're simple to please.


Scorpios may seem too cool for Christmas traditions, but everyone knows you like family. If you no longer believe in Santa, you may still make holiday magic. How better to get everyone in the Christmas spirit than a great cocktail and mocktail menu? Sitting behind the bar allows you socialize and hide if overwhelmed.


You still wonder about the holidays as a Sagittarius, a youngster at heart. You appreciate the joyful customs of this time of year, and your celebration style is exuberant. You know how to party, whether you're playing football with cousins in the backyard, watching the game with siblings, or playing family board games. 


Capricorn loves tradition, thus this season is your favorite. Though it appears otherwise, this earth sign plans for the big day all year. From your potluck dish to your wrapping paper to your ugly sweater contest costume, everything is well planned.


Aquariuses enjoy Christmas despite their rebelliousness. Use your free time wisely this season is about connection and gratitude. Volunteering at a local charity or organization is in addition to Thanksgiving and friend dinners.


Pisces, you love to dream, and the holidays are the perfect time to realize your gumdrop and sugarplum fantasies. You like the holidays' games, activities, and traditions. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of your favorite family-fun events.

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