Your relationship personality is as follows, as predicted by your star sign.

If you're looking to improve your romantic relationships, getting to know your own strengths and shortcomings is a great first step.


Their charisma is compelling, and they don't seek attention yet manage to find it in everything they do, which might frustrate quiet people. Direct and to the point can be dismissive, and they can be stubborn, so communication is key.”


Being together brings them happiness, and they have no trouble showing and receiving affection. They prefer the comfort of their homes and the serenity of their partners.


They dislike routine and are constantly on the lookout for new experiences and knowledge. Their hunger for adventure and self-actualization might make them seem distant to their significant others, even while they need their participation.


Some family members may feel devalued as a result, but you have a knack for calming frayed tempers, so you shouldn't let that stop you. You'd rather be in love than alone, so be sure you're not selecting poor relationships over no partners."


"They have a flair for drama; this energy can cause friction if misunderstood, and can come across as always wanting drama when, in fact, they may just need some spice in their life."


Honigman argues that this is because "Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, planet of communication," making it second nature for native Virgos to maintain lines of communication open with their spouse and express themselves honestly and directly.


According to Chandler, Librans are intellectuals who demand fair treatment in relationships: "They need a mental connection, so they may be slow to commit to someone and may overthink to an unhealthy degree.


Any words of wisdom from her? Anger might prevent you from being happy, so count to 10 before you lose your cool. You enjoy maintaining a sense of mystery in your interactions with your significant other, which may be thrilling for the right person but cause stress for an open book.


Chandler says, "Sometimes secretive, it can be hard to get a Sagittarius to share their true feelings with you, but you can look to their actions. Sagittarians value freedom and are loyal to those they allow into their inner circle." The best approach to win them over is to show them that you can bend and laugh at yourself.


She cautions, "Romantic talks and signature scenarios feel phony to you, which might cause some stress in a relationship if you're hooked up with someone who appreciates romantic displays. Pick a companion who is just as logical as you are.


A regular date for them might not involve going to the movies and eating at a restaurant, as Chandler puts it.


According to Honigman, these people are able to bridge the gap between people of diverse backgrounds and cultures by prioritizing emotional connection above shared history. This presents its own difficulties, but their faith in love always triumphs.

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