Why lose weight 5:2 Perimenopausal women lose weight best with intermittent fasting.

Women tend to gain weight as they age because their oestrogen levels decline around the time they approach menopause. In addition, a person's metabolism naturally decreases as they get older, making it even more of a challenge to burn enough calories every day. 

These variables might cause women over 50-60 to acquire a lot of weight, making it hard to reduce. Dr. Michael Mosley, a weight-loss expert, suggests 5:2 intermittent fasting for perimenopausal weight gain.

As the name implies 5:2 is a sort of intermittent fasting in which one has to consume a regular quantity of calories for 5 days and for the remaining two days the calorie count is reduced to 500-600 per day. The 'Fast Diet,' as Mosley called it, is a variation on this eating plan. 

There are no dietary limitations; rather, the program monitors how many calories are ingested and when they are eaten. 5:2 Intermittent fasting is not dieting, but a lifelong practice. It's more straightforward and efficient than similar approaches.

Dr. Mosley's research shows that the 5:2 technique is extremely beneficial for perimenopausal women. The ladies in this study were restricted to eating between 600 and 800 calories on only two days of the week. He claims that this method of fasting is effective for dealing with weight gain brought on by hormonal shifts. 

Based on the results, it appears that this diet is more effective for women to reduce their waist circumference. Following this eating plan can also enhance their insulin sensitivity and lower the incidence of breast cancer.

When practicing this form of fasting, there is no prescribed meal schedule. Mainly, you want to stick to a diet of 600 to 800 calories daily. If you're able to suppress your appetite first thing in the morning, a light breakfast will get your day started off on the right foot. Two common approaches are detailed below.

Although there are no food restrictions, strive to eat more high-fiber, high-protein, and healthy meals daily. Completely eliminate junk and unhealthy meals to reduce weight healthily. Here are some diet additions.

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