Why do certain individuals remain slender while consuming large quantities of food?

We have always been informed that being attentive of our food intake and exercise routine is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight. But we've all met that one person who eats pizza and doughnuts nonstop without ever losing weight, even though they never exercise a muscle. 

People often find themselves questioning the secret to their small body when they notice this. Do you think it's simply their metabolism? In this article, we made an effort to understand why certain people, despite their lean body mass index, seem to be able to resist gaining weight.

Fast metabolism isn't the only cause. This question has several elements, making the solution complicated. Slim people maintain their weight through genetics, nutrition, and behavior. How much these elements affect each person's everyday life determines how they maintain their weight.

Many folks who appear to eat a lot really consume as much as you do. They may not eat more just because they have sweets every day. They may compensate later by eating only two meals a day. That implies they consume the same calories as you.

People who are already at a healthy weight may find it easier to keep it off if they exercise regularly. Here, being physically active does not imply going to the gym for hours on end. All you have to do is get up and move about more during the day or help out around the house. 

According to some research, certain people have a stronger genetic predisposition to be physically active, which allows them to burn more calories and keep the weight off. Plus, even when doing the same workout, some people will burn more calories than others. Their genetics determine this.

Genetics strongly influence weight growth or loss. Over 250 DNA regions are linked to obesity, according to a 2019 PLOS Genetics study. The study evaluated data from 1,622 healthy persons with low BMI, 1,985 severe obese patients, and 10,433 normal-weight controls. 

Researchers found that those who were already at a healthy weight had fewer genes linked to obesity. Although heredity has a role, it is far from the sole one. Some persons with obesity-related genetic markers were discovered to be slender during the course of the investigation.

Genes contribute to body weight, but not only. Sleeping patterns, lifestyle habits, alcohol use, dietary choices, and physical exercise affect weight. If you want to become in shape, adjust your living patterns rather than merely eating less or exercising more. This will help you reduce weight and enhance your health.

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