Which Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Protective Angel?

Did you know we're born with angels and gentle spirits that assist us reach our goals? They guide and watch us to ensure we stay on the path to happiness. Not just that. Your guardian angel has unique features based on your date of birth and zodiac sign. Find your zodiac guardian angel now!


The angel of confidence, Samael (or Chamael), helps you overcome anxiety, agony, and dread at every step. This Archangel provides Aries children self-esteem and confidence, which gives them a powerful spirit. Arians act bravely and decisively after Samael's mediation.


The Venusian archangel Anael (or Haniel) guards love and harmony. Anael balances your spirits and provides you beauty, giving Taureans their personality focused on love, romance, and stability. Anael provides you reason in love and guides you through heartache and relationship doubt.


Most depictions of this Archangel show a doubled entity with two wings and a snake-encircled sceptre. Ambriel, the goddess of unity, unites pieces. Ambriel, the uniting archangel, guides you to Paradise via life's challenges (thus the sceptre and snake emblem).


Muriel fights negativity to protect. From now on, this guardian angel has several benefits. Muriel purifies your spirit, eliminates negative energy from your house, guides you through meditation, orients you at work, increases your ego, and helps you in times of need. Muriel is a good bedtime angel because it drives out evil.


Archangel Verchiel, related with Saint Michael in Christianity, is the supernatural figure who fought darkness to enlighten the world, hence he represents God's Light. Leos, your zodiac-based guardian angel illuminates your way and helps you overcome life's challenges.


Hamaliel, the Grace of God, is Virgos' zodiac-based guardian angel. He gives them wisdom and conscience and can explain reason and creation. By avoiding bad ideas with this angel and being analytical, Virgoans pick the proper road via reason and wisdom.


Librans' zodiac guardian angel is Uriel or Zuriel, a strong Divine Presence archangel. Uriel is celestial light and wakes conscience. Uriel regulates the worldwide nature of great ideals like justice.  via Uriel's grace, we'll find inner harmony, calm, and divine justice to guide us via grace.


Scorpios can invoke Barkiel, their zodiac guardian angel, on Tuesdays to gain emotional control and overcome depression, sadness, and negativity to reach optimism, ecstasy, and happiness. Barkiel, an angel of change, heals sadness and previous mistakes. Barkiel guides Scorpios into the future with faith and optimism.


Sagittariuses' zodiac-based guardian angel is Adnachiel (or Zadquiel), a powerful character who brings happiness and freedom. Sagittariuses are inherently optimistic because Adnachiel has optimism and hope to overcome hardship. Adnachiel is an angel who frees us from enslavement and sets us on the path to freedom.


Capricorns' guardian angel is Haniel, meaning "Give me, Lord" in Hebrew. Haniel, one of the 7 archangels in heaven, may mediate between friends, family, and couples. Hamiel guides opponents to peace as the flame of love, forgiveness, and humility. Thus, this angel is invoked during major human conflicts.


The Archangel Gabriel, the angel of light who presides over the heavenly court, is the patron angel of Aquarians. Examples of what Gabriel's vast abilities may provide are optimism, originality, joy, freedom of thought, humanity, procreation, revelations, and the natural world.


As a Pisces, Barachiel, the angel of charity, faith, and psychic insight, watches over you. Barachiel acts as a guardian angel who leads you on a journey of self-discovery, assisting native Pisceans in making sense of their emotions and identifying their life's true purpose.

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