Which Water Brand Should You Drink? By Zodiac Sign

Water is the most overlooked factor in staying healthy, appearing young and energetic, and treating hangovers. But drinking a water brand that doesn't match your zodiac sign is bad for you.


Aries are among the most bold and confident people you know. They're laid-back, middle-of-the-road people with few complaints. Being low-maintenance, they prefer tap water because why not?


Poland Springs is one of the most trusted water brands in the world. Taurus are loyal, stable, and realistic. Perhaps you'll automatically pull toward their laid-back appeal if you know one. Same for Poland Springs.


Dasani adapts to the times and changes their appearance while sticking to their mission. This also applies to Gemini, the most flexible and inquiring zodiac sign.


Aquafina tastes great and has the most inventive gaming ads. Cancers like Aquafina because both are inventive and can sell you anything. Aquafina advertising make you think it's the right water to drink.


Fiji belongs to our kind-hearted Leos who love to travel most. Drinking from a Fiji bottle is almost as amazing as tropical island vacations. Leos are drawn to Fiji's volcanic purified water since they are fire signs.


Virgos love crunchy granola and nature, so Evian is ideal. The earthiness of the Evian franchise matches Virgos' lifestyles. The company calls their water band a "geological miracle" since it comes from an underground spring that collects rain and snow over 15 years. They are the least spiritual because they neglect their mental wellness.


If you have a Libra, you know their gregarious and well-tempered nature. High school cafeterias sell Crystal Geyser water nationwide. Because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and a bright future.


Perrier is the craziest sparkling water brand. I have friends who swear by it and say they never turned back after trying Perrier. Scorpios' dedication to Perrier is evident from the outset.  


Voss, a high-maintenance zodiac sign, is reserved. Sagittarius are generous and idealistic. They also prefer luxury and won't settle. They appreciate Voss water bottles' elegant design and impress guests by presenting one whenever possible.


Last but not least, Capricorns should consume Nestle whenever feasible. Filtered water is pure to the last drop, which suits the classic, responsible, and disciplined Capricorn. It can even be delivered to your door.


Aquarius has the highest intellect, independence, and uncompromising soul. It is a fixed air sign. Thus, Aquariuses should have SmartWater in their fridges.


Water children are Pisces. Thus, the most luxurious sparkling water is kept for water-inspired people. San Pellegrino, the most sparkling water brand, can elevate any celebration.

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