Which elements of the astrological signs are more inclined to tell fibs and why

Lying now and then is an integral part of human nature. Everyone tells a fib now and then, whether it's to placate others, improve our own image, or satisfy a habit. It's true that certain individuals tend to lie more frequently than others, despite what anyone would say to the contrary. Such people almost never tell the truth, no matter how damaging their falsehoods may be.


When under stress, Aries are more likely to tell a fib. They hate disappointing others. Also, they lie about the reasons or intentions for doing something they didn't mean to do.


Taurus will lie to themselves about anything that has made them emotional, telling themselves that they don't care. They'll also pretend they don't feel jealous, even if they're seething with envy.


Even if they don't like it, they'll still give you a praise on it. Geminis are easily won over by flattery directed at their pride. They can make you feel better about anything by just lying about it. But they don't lie on purpose; rather, it's second nature to them.


Cancers might falsely claim they are completely independent of others. However, they may be too dependent and possessive at times. They put on a happy front even when they're upset or depressed.


Leos live and die by their self-assurance. They would confidently list abilities they do not possess on their CV. They'll make something up regarding a book's quality so they can look smarter. Additionally, they might be a meeting place for people to share stories and rumors.


Maintaining a positive reputation is important to them. If they don't want to talk to you, they'll make up excuses as silly as their phone dying.


Even after you've informed a Libra multiple times what your real name is, they'll still call you by a cutesy moniker. They're dishonest because they don't want to argue or damage your feelings. They will say they had a wonderful time with you while secretly planning to forget you ever existed.


To a Scorpio, embellishing the truth is not the same as outright lying, and vice versa. They uphold their honest demeanor, but they would add minor falsehoods while sipping on their tea to feel superior. They'll embellish the truth to make a situation sound more compelling.


To get out of pet sitting, they'll make up a tale about your sick grandmother. They are honest and would never exaggerate how awesome their encounters have been. Even if their motives are good, people are fallible and can violate promises if they just aren't in the mood.


Capricorns will lie and claim they don't need anyone's support even when things are spiraling out of hand. Also, while they are busy attempting to solve everyone else's issues, they will act as if they are experts at self-care.


They are the type that pretend they aren't wounded and lie about their feelings. They'll act like they're fine, even if the pain is really eating away at them.


Pisces will tell you they love to get out with your buddies if it keeps you happy. They don't like to drag other people down or do them harm. Even if they are sick, they will insist that they are alright.

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