What's your ideal interior design style, according to your zodiac

Adventurer or homebody? Do you like light or dark colors? Every property has a personality and character that frequently matches the homeowners' zodiac sign. Each solar sign has unique traits that may impact design decisions, helping you create a home you love. We provide dwellings for innovative Pisces and practical Virgos from AD India's archives.


You are the zodiac's first sign. You are the embodiment of fearlessness, adventure, and vitality. When you're free, you can't help but flourish. To showcase your active and fast-paced lifestyle, you would thrive in a modern, adaptable, and open-concept home.


You have an eye for beauty and quality as an Earth sign known for stability and luxury. Your senses lead you to enjoy material goods. As an Earth sign, you love nature, so an earthy house with natural textures suits you.


You're bright and interested, with great communication abilities. You are the Zodiac's performers, thriving in creative spaces with social spaces. A flexible place for your shifting interests will also help.


Your chosen place is no surprise, given that you are the most caring sign in the zodiac. Comfort is paramount to you. Your ideal house would be a cozy, multi-level haven that exudes love, warmth, and emotion, the kind of place you could settle down in and feel at home.


Your regal and captivating personality, Leo, makes you an ideal fit for strong, extroverted designs, magnetic people, and grandiose, daring locations. A place to showcase your talents, an audience for your artistic endeavors, and a welcoming environment to share your generosity are all things you desire.


For you, Virgo, the devil is in the details. You want useful, optimized settings that don't interrupt your organized thinking. However, being an Earth sign, you enjoy nature and tranquility.


Balance, harmony. Libra, you most identify with these two traits. You love beauty and seek places that are easy and elegant while pleasing your sophisticated palate. You prefer most Japanese ideals for creating a dream house.


Scorpios are known for their air of secrecy. Your intense feelings and boundless enthusiasm make you a mysterious and intriguing person. Therefore, it is appropriate for you to create a mysteriously attractive, darkly lit room that encourages contemplation and closeness.


You are the zodiac's resident nomad, which means you're as daring and independent as they come. You are a positive, open-minded person who loves to travel; your living quarters should reflect this passion. Imagine vast, open spaces as sources of inspiration.


You, Capricorn, are ambitious and driven, and you draw just as much from your past as you do from your future. You are an embodiment of time-honored customs and timeless design. A style that combines modern elements with more traditional ones would work best for you.


You are famed for being creative, forward-thinking, and born with a vision. Your house should be a place that inspires creativity, therefore you look for furnishings that represent innovation and preserve avant-garde ideas.


As the final zodiac sign, you are both creative and compassionate, bringing a whole range of emotions to the table. You are captivated by spaces that exude tranquility and showcase an air of romance and whimsicality.

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