What's silent walking? Learn its benefits and application.

TikTok founder Mady Maio shared her experience of embracing mindfulness and exercise after her nutritionist and boyfriend's recommendations on social media, making silent walking popular.

Paying attention to your breathing and the sound of your feet on the floor might help you relax and alleviate stress.

Many people who battle anxiety find that silent ambulation is a calming experience. It helps with feeling in control by shifting focus from anxious thoughts to the physical sensations of walking.

Silent walking promotes self-awareness. Uninhibited thinking and emotion exploration improves self-understanding and emotional management.

Walking meditation boosts focus and clarity. Teaching your mind to stay present might improve your daily concentration.

Walking silently boosts mood. Physical activity and mindfulness release endorphins, or 'feel-good' chemicals.

Choose a quiet, natural environment without distractions. It may be a park, a forest route, or a quiet room at home.

"This hectic environment makes it hard to take time for yourself and your thinking. Pausing in our busy culture may be valuable. Silent walking, rooted on mindfulness and meditation, promotes mental wellness and serenity.

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