What Your Horoscope Reveals About When You're Entering Your Dark Feminine Phase


The energy of the dark feminine has you battling for what you believe in without resorting to unnecessary violence. Put your ferocity to good use, but don't get worked up about every little thing.


You're a ferocious protector of your inner circle, jumping to their defense at the first sign of trouble. When you step up to be the tough warrior for total strangers, you show the world your dark feminine side.


Even if you're a very outgoing and friendly person, dark feminine sexuality is more subdued and secretive. Be more understated and sensual while trying to woo a potential partner, and you'll soon have them completely captivated.


Self-interest is at the center of dark feminine energy. Though it may go against your nature, you will find that every element of your life improves when you prioritize your own convenience over that of others.


The confidence and pride of the dark feminine force. The judgments of others have little bearing on someone who is attuned to their dark feminine power.


When you allow your sensuous feelings to factor into your decision making, your dark feminine nature will blossom.


The sultry woman might give you the cold eye. There are instances when words aren't even necessary to convey your message. With a single glance, you may either scare or persuade someone into doing what you want them to.


Even though you're recognized for exuding dark feminine energy, you're not always pleased with the way others see you. You'll be at your best once you learn to embrace it.


Dark feminine energy is all about knowing what you want and going after it without letting anyone persuade you out of it. Lucky for you, you know how to prioritize yourself above everyone else, so your time has definitely come.


To be a dark femme is to be a strong, confident leader without worrying about coming across as "too much" or "intimidating." It's on them if they give in to fear.


You generally lead with your intellect more than your sensuous nature, but to fully join your dark feminine phase, a deep grasp of your sexuality is a requirement.


Focusing on one's own desires and recognizing that one cannot control the actions of others are hallmarks of the dark feminine energy. It's better if they can assist themselves than if you have to rescue them constantly.

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