What Astrologer Says Is Your Astronomical Sign's Ideal Smashed Vegetable

Smashed vegetables are trendy, and we see why. Smashed potatoes, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts may retain spice when roasted, giving them the ideal bite.


It is not surprising that MacGuire would choose Aries to go with our Loaded Smashed Radishes, given their reputation for vivacity and fearlessness.


Getting the match right is vital for Tauruses since they are the zodiac's food enthusiasts, according to MacGuire. No matter what kind of eater they are, these smashed beets with goat cheese and hot honey will be a hit as a side dish. This earth sign loves a mix of sweet and salty flavors.


Gemini, the sign of the twins, is characterized by a complex nature, according to MacGuire. Smashed sweet potatoes should be their favorite. Similar to Geminis, this dish has several layers thanks to the baked, mashed, and broiled potatoes that give it its light, crispy skin.


Because Cancers are sensitive signs, MacGuire recommends our Smashed Artichokes with Lemon-Dill Aioli as a light and refreshing appetizer.


"This dish is perfect for Leo's dramatic flair, with the bold flavor of rosemary adding a touch of sophistication to the dish," said MacGuire.


"This dish has this airy, crunchy texture, just like Virgo," MacGuire said. "They have an understated 'kick'—like the curry flavor that sets in when the carrots are broiled."


"For elegant Libra, Crispy Smashed Broccoli with Za'atar is the perfect choice," stated MacGuire. This meal, like Libra, manages to be both familiar and unexpected with the inclusion of za'atar; it also manages to be neither too monotonous nor too showy.


The sharp peel and warm, welcoming fluff of these potatoes are like the rough exterior and soft interior of a Scorpio, he said. "The horseradish sauce provides a boost, much like Scorpios who are known for being caring and supportive once you earn their trust."


The astrologer recommended French-Onion Smashed Potatoes for the daring Sagittarius. This dish takes your taste senses on an exquisite voyage with its toppings of shredded Gruyère and delicious caramelized onions. Like this cuisine, Sagittarius is a wonderful companion or lover because to their extroverted personality and charm.


Similar to how Capricorn softens with age, these shallots roast to a milder flavor, he said. The caring and sweet side of a Capricorn is like the creamy goat cheese and delicious fig jam—despite the sign's reputation for achievers, it's not all bad. This meal embodies the ideal combination of maturity and playfulness that characterize Capricorns.


This dish, like Aquarius, has star power without being the center of attention," MacGuire noted. "The wide surface area of the smashed sprouts is reminiscent of Aquarius' expansive friendships and love for spreading their wings."


According to MacGuire, Pisces, a water sign, would love Crispy Smashed Cauliflower with Pesto. As the last zodiac sign, Pisces has been through it all and can be any sign—just like this delicious meal. The savory pesto and crunchy smashed cauliflower stand for Pisces' versatility and deliciousness.

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