The Ultimate Sun Sign Friendship Guide

Friends—you have them, you want them, and this star guide will help you understand your relationship with them. When you think of astrological compatibility, you typically envision romance and sex. The zodiac can also explain platonic friendships.


Your allies are fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. Everyone agrees to go hard or go home. Like air sign Gemini, you share a love of exploration and a childlike spirit. You and your buddies party nonstop!


Earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo) are likely your BFFs as you enjoy practical pleasures and avoid turmoil. Since Venus, the planet of love and luxury, rules you and Libra, a dramatic sign, you're both divas.


Socialising indications win because you like entertainment, gossip, and adventure. Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, and Aquarius—all fire and air signs—are on your team. Being popular is unavoidable!


Water signs like you, Pisces, and Scorpio are compatible because you appreciate deep conversations all night. You have lots of emotions, okay You like Capricorn's stoicism too. Opposites attract (you're opposites on the zodiac).


Your team comprises Aries and Sagittarius, but things might grow tense if they don't let you lead. Your competitiveness can cause fur to fly, but it's quickly forgotten. Aquarius, your quiet, let's-stay-home-and-do-weird-sh*t friend, connects with your geekiness.


Because you appreciate tangible things and don't tolerate bullshit, Capricorn and Taurus are your best friends. Pisces intrigue you due to their uniqueness, whereas Geminis are your prefered gossiping partner (ruled by Mercury).


Due to your chattiness, curiosity, and love of argument, Gemini and Aquarius make terrific BFFs. Aries can be a good companion because you both have strengths and weaknesses, such as being straightforward and indecisive.


You get along well with Cancer and Pisces, but Scorpio is the boss of this group. The water crew is witchy because you're all super-intuitive and interested in mystery, mysteries, and the occult. Like your zodiac opposite Taurus, you enjoy shopping, sex chat, and sharing your favourite meal and cocktail recipes.


People don't always realise your serious side. Policies and global concerns like climate change interest you. You need partying and debating companions. You're fun, but you're also philosophical and adore long conversations!


Cap becomes a boring sea goat when he doesn't get any fun. People who can make you laugh and take your mind off of work are essential. Someone who requires nagging to use all of their vacation time is you.


Amidst your devotion to your pals, you also value your own company when it comes to your numerous hobbies. You should surround yourself with friends who will still be there for you when you're ready to hang out, even if you don't talk to them every single day.


Simply put, you hug. You need physical affection and understanding, therefore your friends should be kind. You also need pals who understand your deep thoughts and accept your crying-over-the-sad-pet-commercial nature!

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