The Star Sign-Inspired Spring Nail Polish You Have to Try

Certain personality qualities are associated with each of the 12 zodiac signs. Pisces is airy, Leo is dignified, Aries is pioneering, etc. Did you realize the signs match a color? Astrologers say wearing your solar sign's "power color" can enhance your features and boost your mood.


Aries, you're on fire right now. Even more incentive to paint your nails a color that matches your fiery personality. This spring, make a statement with coral nail paint and express your inner courage to the world (or at least your Zoom contacts).


Use this gorgeous hue of pink to showcase your imaginative and romantic side on your special day.


If you're a Gemini and life delivers you lemons, paint your nails yellow. This uplifting pastel may assist you in tapping into your natural buoyancy and maintaining a happy outlook. Powerful yellow is associated with enhanced communication.


Cancer, you're one to unreservedly give your heart to people you care about. You've been so selfless up until now, and now you want some of that love returned to you. According to horoscopes, the color purple might help you get the attention you crave. More significantly, the color might inspire you to show yourself some tender care.


Because of your celebrity status, (rose) gold nail polish is an absolute must. Wear a shade of nail polish that sparkles in the springtime sunshine to show off your regal side. This glossy sheen may be the catalyst for your next great idea. What's more, astrologists think that this color will bring out your inner Leo, along with all the confidence and fortitude that sign represents.


Essie's "Cocktail Bling" is a versatile shade that will go with a wide variety of springtime ensembles. If you're a Virgo, you probably already spend too much time trying to figure out what to wear on your nails. The choice of this pale gray is obvious.


It's common knowledge that Libras thrive in committed partnerships and take solace in casual flings and pining on someone they like. You may show the world how soft and giving your heart is by wearing this pearly pink. Be wary of who you share it with.


You're not a big fan of bright colors, yet you still want to flaunt your personal flair, Scorpio. This deep taupe hued nail color is the epitome of subtle elegance. Even your non-Scorpio pals might try to mimic your color scheme, but if they do, refrain from using your scorpion claw.


Being the trendsetter that you are, why not wear a vivid hue this spring? Putting this bold shade of red on your nails will motivate you to take action toward realizing your goals. You may see your gorgeous reflection in your nails, rooting for you if you look closely enough.


This spring, Capricorns will feel an invigorating surge of renewed vitality. This soft peach shade may spark your imagination and motivate you to set some ambitious new objectives. What do we foresee? You should expect to be busier than ever in April and May.


Since your astrological ancestry leans more toward logic than the water element, you tend to keep your feelings to yourself. You may wish to try expressing these emotions aloud this spring. Light blue is the color of communication and emotion, so wearing it might make you feel more comfortable talking about your problems, according to astrologists.


Fluid and perceptive, Pisces is ever-changing, like the waves of the ocean. Your development this year is beyond your wildest dreams. More incentive to use a shade of nail polish that Ariel would approve of! Put on this iridescent green nail polish and get ready to drift off to sleep.

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