The smartest zodiac signs, from top to lowest

For the most brilliant zodiac signs, we all want to win. It helps to remember that brilliance doesn't fit into one Sheldon Cooper-sized box. Some signs have more brainpower, while others are better at interpreting situations and empathizing with others.


Aries is a tough nut to crack because they have a quick temper and a sharp intellect, both of which they are ready to unleash on anybody who crosses them.


The emotional savvy of Taureans is well-known, and it consists of two parts: self-awareness, or the ability to read and understand one's own feelings, and empathy, or the ability to perceive what other people don't exhibit.


This one is more than just attractive. Although Gemini is justifiably known as the sociable sign of the zodiac, the truth is that they can also digest complicated material quite quickly.


If Cancer isn't higher on this list, it's not because they lack intelligence; it's simply because their sympathetic nature makes them emotionally prone to making rash decisions.


Everyone thinks a Leo knows exactly what they're doing, regardless of their actual level of knowledge. They have a gift for leading others and may put on an air of self-assurance that is difficult to dismantle. Presumably, one should act as if they are successful until they actually are.


You might recognize Virgos as perfectionists, but there's more to the sign than meets the eye. Virgos are incredibly practical and have a frustratingly unwavering sense of logic, which makes them extremely brilliant.


Those born under the Libra zodiac sign are known for their level head and impartial perspective on life, as symbolized by the scales. Their ability to respond thoughtfully, rather than impulsively, to the everyday obstacles they face is a direct result of this inner peace.


Scorpios are intense and passionate, yet they're often the first people you call to find out if your ex is dating someone new. An skilled at reading people and seeing through pretenses, nothing gets their cerebral juices flowing faster than a mystery.


Mistaking this free-spirited sign for an airhead would be simple and erroneous. Sagittarians want to learn about new locations, civilizations, and lifestyles.


Practical and disciplined, their analytical approach to problem-solving makes them valuable in work. When you need blunt honesty in your personal life, you probably call a Capricorn.


The most intelligent zodiac signs, by far, are Aquarians. No prizes for guessing that. Their analytical prowess and ability to notice details that others overlook go well beyond their extensive academic background.


You want to say that Pisces is "not the sharpest knife in the drawer"? Their imagination is a wondrous and fantastical realm where they can create a whole world, which is why they are often the last to get a joke.

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