The sibling variety that corresponds with one's astrological sign

While you detest your siblings, you adore them! Sounds familiar? Despite their annoyingness, siblings are the only people you can love and trust unconditionally. Catfights, shouting, and whining pale in comparison to unconditional love. They see your sobbing and joy from the start. The following list can help you determine your zodiac sign's sibling traits.


You can easily annoy your sibling, and when you do, you may "unintentionally" tell your parents a secret. You enjoy arguing and demonstrating your position for fun. You're enjoyable because you appreciate your originality and are usually the most popular at family gatherings.


You're stingy and don't share. If your sister touches your favorite garment without asking, expect silence. You appreciate your relationship and belongings, not materialism. When both parents are away, you might be the parent figure to keep your siblings safe.


You laugh at everything and say weird things inappropriately. You just adore teasing your siblings about their humiliating situations! Sometimes you overdo the jokes, but you never mean to harm people.


Family comes first. You take family game evenings seriously and become angry if your siblings don't stay. You seek a close relationship with your siblings and are quite emotional. Sometimes you play victim and blame others for your faults.


You like being in charge and having your way. You often criticize your siblings, assuming they don't know how, which frustrates them. You care about doing things perfectly as a perfectionist.


You’re quite critical of processes. You critique everything and bring out their mistakes. This angers your siblings, who may not want you to help them. Because you want to do things your way, you'll control housework.


You dislike family fights. You're passive-aggressive and deal with disputes rationally. It annoys you to accept responsibility for your siblings' errors. Sometimes you blame your siblings if you're the troublemaker.


You're the 'gloomy' sibling because you can keep a grudge forever. You remember every detail about your siblings and can spend 7 months without talking to them if they do anything that annoy you! You may be cruel sometimes. Rest certain, you passionately guard your siblings.


You talk and do whatever comes to mind without filters. Though honest, your statements may harm your siblings. Your siblings detest that you can laugh at the most serious events if you wish. They sometimes need a consoling shoulder, not harsh advice.


No one is smarter than you. You play to win and adore games. Your competitive nature makes you compete with your siblings. Your siblings believe you're not smart due of your life outlook, but your resolve may change that.


You love to investigate everything and discover why things operate. People assume you're not emotionally attached since you argue with everyone, yet you love your siblings to death. You have problems showing affection and compassion.


You adore your siblings unconditionally and spoil them with their favorites. This generosity makes you everyone's favorite sibling, which is great. The nicest part is that you prioritize them before yourself since family is vital to you.

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