The Paint Color That Complements Your Celestial Signature, As Determinated by an Astrologer

Have you ever pondered why you like some colors and dislike others? Color psychology explains how color affects emotion and behavior. If you like astrology, you know your zodiac sign may shape your personality and color choices. Each sign has unique traits and prefers distinct colors.


Pops of Benjamin Moore's Red, a timeless and sophisticated tone that elevates any room, will be the perfect accent. Add a splash of mid-blue (like Blueberry) and a hint of gray (like Distant Gray) to tone it down.


Warm up with Farrow & Ball's Bancha. The deep olive green hue is ideal for adding depth and intrigue to your house with earthy tones. Use a warm muted pink like Sucking Room Pink and a neutral for a relaxing setting. Choose Old White for a classic style or Ammonite for a modern one.


Encourage optimism with Lick's Blue 08 and Yellow 06. These uplifting hues from Lick's Joyful Palette can quickly brighten your room.


Blue Mist and Pink Ribbon by Valspar relax and soothe. Pastel colors are soothing and popular in bedrooms, baths, and nurseries. These soft hues will quickly warm a room.


Brighten your house with Behr Joyful Orange. Put it on the ceiling, in an alcove, or in a cabinet for a surprise thrill. Alternately, paint your walls the color to show off your vibrant individuality.


The simple, classic, and flexible color combination of School House White and Drop Cloth by Farrow & Ball works well in modern and traditional houses. Add lichen, a subdued green like spreading algae, for color. The sleek, subtle blend grounds instantly.


Lick's Blue 05, a soothing mid-blue, creates a peaceful atmosphere. True to Libra, the hue blends well with many palettes and styles.


Showcase your Scorpio sophistication with Sherwin-Williams Rookwood Dark Red, a near-black crimson. True to Scorpio, the hue is enticing, interesting, and seductive, but without the aggression of black or red.


Use Dunn-Edwards Fiery Fuchsia to be assertive like a Sagittarius. Deep pink is bold and attention-grabbing. Lace Veil and Silver Polish are modern grays that calm it.


Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball exudes Capricorn elegance, refinement, and reliability. Gray represents Capricorn's maturity, knowledge, responsibility, stability, impartiality, and balance. The shade is useful, adaptable, and stabilizes other colors like all grays. It fits current design beautifully.


Behr Paradise Sky evokes Aquarian optimism and friendliness. Blue and green produce a pleasant, invigorating electric aqua. This color represents introspection, mental clarity, serenity, open communication, and compassion.


Benjamin Moore Seafoam Green evokes exotic beaches. The pastel tint reflects Pisces' love of the water and is instantly relaxing and refreshing, while the yellow undertone conveys the ocean's vitality and vigor.

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