The Most Likely Zodiac Signs to Cheat and the Least

Unfortunately, all zodiac signs cheat on their partners daily. Some focus on the most unfaithful female zodiac signs, but males may also cheat.

Everyone defines adultery differently, and there are roughly a million infidelity activities. Maybe flirting with someone other than your partner is adultery for you. Someone's "harmless" peck on the check may count in your eyes. Maybe only full-on sexual interaction counts.


Although she loves her spouse deeply, she has trouble articulating her feelings, and this can make her come across as unpleasant or harsh at times. However, that doesn't indicate that she's having an affair elsewhere.


Having a single significant other reduces the amount of time and mental energy needed on maintaining several relationships by eliminating the need to sneak around and make up excuses on the go.


Gemini women may be fairly indecisive so she loves to have alternatives, and if there's still anything you're offering her that she wants to stay around, she'll keep you around to obtain it.


She values her family highly and is always searching for someone to lean on for stability and comfort. She values stability and peace of mind, and the constant worry and unease that would accompany infidelity is counter to her nature.


If she doesn't feel like you're treating her like the queen she is, or if she senses that you're starting to ignore her, she will resort to whatever means necessary to get your attention again.


Trustworthy Virgos would sooner leave the relationship and be honest about it than cheat on their partners. She doesn't like drama, and she certainly doesn't want to create any in her own life.


Since Libras are notorious flirts, many people are wary of becoming involved with them. Perhaps they have good reason to be wary.


As long as you reciprocate her affection, a Scorpio can be the most loyal and devoted lover you've ever had.


If you're dating a Sagittarius, don't be shocked if she brings up the idea of an open relationship and makes it apparent that she wants to see other people right away.


Capricorn has a very clear goal in mind when it comes to romantic partnerships: to maximize her own personal advantage. This suggests that she is on the hunt for joy, companionship, security, and maybe social standing.


Aquarius may not really be physically unfaithful, but she might start sending sexually suggestive emails to an ex or play the field at a bar to see how many free drinks she can get.


However, she is less inclined to end a bad relationship for fear of upsetting her partner. She may, ironically, decide to go off instead. Perhaps she secretly wants to be exposed as a cheater.

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