The flirtiest zodiac signs, from greatest to worst

Singles find dating challenging, yet flirty zodiac signs can easily attract their crush. Despite appearances, your cosmic makeup may affect your ability to initiate a conversation with a stranger at the bar or whether you need Dutch courage to avoid verbally vomiting on that special someone again.


As Mars rules energy and action, Aries are romantic go-getters. They may be impetuous, but they're honest about what they want.


Although the zodiac bull is a giver of time and attention, it is not an active sign, therefore you probably left the pub before they finished practising that perfect move.


Geminis are sociable butterflies who love to chat. They're kind and social, so they always have something wonderful to say about you, so you don't have to do the work to keep the discussion going.


Cancer is deeply emotional and loving, yet they typically take too long to drop hints and test the waters.


Who needs pick-up lines anyway? There are no subtleties here; a Leo's interest in you will be plainly displayed in their texts, even if it means including a winking emoji.


Since Virgo is an intellectual sign that is motivated by rationality, they often try to make sense of their feelings before acting on them. They might initiate a friendship to gauge interest before expressing their true thoughts, so don't be shocked if they do.


Libras flirt easily and intuitively because Venus rules them, although they may not tell you they like you, but they may spend an extra hour getting ready in the morning just in case they see you in the office elevator.


Scorpios flirt with a difficult but well-choreographed dance that gives you just enough information to lean in and learn more. When they lose focus, you're in trouble.


Jupiter, the planet of growth, rules Sagittarius, who don't mind taking the first step but aren't as direct as other signs. If you catch their eye, expect cheeky emojis and accidental physical contact.


Capricorns are methodical, sensible, and motivated to achieve their goals. Your limited but devoted inner group is a result of your refusal to talk small.


Aquariuses are interested in testing their interest. They are slow romantics and easily distracted by other mental stimuli, so be patient.


Although Pisces loves love, it has not always loved them back. Pisces will romanticise everything you do from afar and take meticulous notes of your body language until they can move.

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