The Disney Parks Ride That Showcases Each Zodiac Sign's Adventure

The magic continues. From here, you may explore New Orleans Square, Adventureland's rainforests, and Critter Country by riverboat. The castle lets you explore a magical world where Snow White and Peter Pan reside across the street.


As a fire-powered Aries, you deserve to ride Radiator Racer Springs again. In California Adventure's Cars Land, you may travel across a distant rocky desert and race against another car to escape reality. What does an Aries enjoy more than winning


Despite Venus ruling Taurus, this zodiac sign is gloomy. Venus controls money, which many of us would risk anything for. Pirates best represent the never-ending search for treasure. After diving down a mystical waterfall and sailing across Pirate's Grotto's rugged seafloor, every Taurus is fascinated by the dazzling gold coins and precious diamonds.


Disney wouldn't be Disney without a couple Mr. Toad's Wild Ride rides. This attraction, one of the few still operating since Disneyland opened in July 1955, is essential to the charm. Gemini rules intimate friends, local color, and neighborly companionship, thus Mr. Toad's Wild Ride's English countryside trip makes them feel at home.


A Cancer likes nothing more than spending time with family and celebrating. Cancers, who love cute and odd things, understand the irony of a “unbirthday”! Cancers are dominated by the Moon, which changes zodiac signs every two days, making their moods unpredictable and charming.


Leos adore feeling like heroes who save the day. This passionate, dramatic, and flamboyant fire sign wants to be seen, acknowledged, and understood, thus they're charmed with Star Wars.


Their favorite ride at Disneyland and Disney World would be a big attraction since Virgo is adaptive and versatile. Big Thunder Mountain is loved by Virgos for several reasons. After all, Virgos are realistic and analytical earth signs who won't hesitate to enter a haunted gold mine for a big payday.


Snow White's Enchanted Wish is a creepy, whimsical ride that delights. What enrages a Libra more than an evil stepmother who wants to kill you for your beauty? Every Libra knows how jealous others are of their beauty.


The Haunted Mansion representing Scorpio may seem cliché, but clichés have a purpose. Scorpio symbolizes death and metamorphosis, which the Haunted Mansion proudly displays. Gravestones and ghostly horsemen greet you as you approach this Victorian-inspired scene.


Sagittariuses like to see and experience the world. Because touring the world is so difficult, Soarin' Around the World is simpler to wait in line for.


A Capricorn's favorite ride is typically historic. No matter how long it has been since you visited Disneyland, the Matterhorn will always remain tall and strong.


Aquarius is one of the most future-thinking zodiac signs, so you might spend hours visiting Tomorrowland. Space Mountain's enormous lineups never deter you since shooting out into space always makes you feel something.


Peter Pan is rather strange. First, everyone in Neverland is frozen in time and cannot age or die. Pisces are so daydreamy they could certainly go to Neverland without taking Peter Pan's Flight.

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