The definitive 2023 mercury retrograde dating guide for each zodiac sign

As Mercury retrogrades again in 2023, the demand for a mercury retrograde dating guide is instinctual. It can feel like daily life has regressed.


Self-confident and ambitious, Aries don't hold back. However, with the retrograde disrupting communication, don't be surprised if your efforts don't pay off.


Given their all-or-nothing nature, Taureans tend to stick to what they know. Since maintaining the relationship can feel one-sided during retrograde, it can be difficult.


Geminis, the zodiac's social butterflies, may seem to have trouble committing, but their curiosity keeps them asking "what if?" in love.


Cancerians may seem temperamental and sensitive, but their loved ones know they have a gold heart that will do everything for them.


Leos are steadfast, yet they can also be unwilling to admit mistakes. Inflexibility might lead to dating disaster with retrograde communication.


Retrograde will disrupt your meticulous streak, so dot your i's and cross your t's. Mercury rules Virgo, therefore this phase may bring love life chaos.


As an air sign, dating a Libra might be exciting, but the retrograde can make your all-in attitude to love activate your submissive side to keep the peace.


Scorpio is emotional as a water sign. Though you may not let others in readily, they become your everything, providing more possibility for disappointment and hurt if your sentiments aren't reciprocated.


Fire signs are spontaneous, therefore you may enjoy being adventurous in a relationship. The constant desire to try something new and better can make it hard to commit to a long-term relationship.


Capricorns, earth signs, are faithful to their partners. However, they struggle to express their emotions since they expect their spouse to notice the little things instead of spectacular gestures.


Like Libra, dating an Aquarius might be unique, but the retrograde can make you look aloof and emotionally detached.


Just as with other air signs like Libra, dating an Aquarius may be an unforgettable experience—but be careful not to come across as cold and distant during the retrograde because of all that time spent thinking.

Stay tuned for developments.