The Behavioral Patterns of Each and every one Astronomical Signature in the Presence of Anxiety 


Aries, the Zodiac's devil's advocates, desire to tell the truth when anxious. When uncomfortable, they may argue over anything to show themselves “correct.” They live on being “correct” all the time. Oddly, their anxiousness appears best in slamming heads (horns?) with anyone, about anything. Aries aggressively manage anxiety, which may damage relationships.


Clean lines, a coordinated Instagram style, and the idea that everyone thinks your life is wonderful are the only things that calm Taurus. Tauruses will go crazy trying to seem ideal if they're nervous. As visual people, they flourish when things seem “good.”


Geminis worry more than other signs since they can see both sides and are sensitive and overreact. Geminis can combine little concerns into one mental disaster. A Gemini will first act normal and hide their emotions. Their passive-aggression and internal decline will occur over time. Watch for habitual passive-aggressiveness and unhealthy coping.


Cancers feel most comfortable in families, friendships, and workplaces. So it seems logical that their anxiety is most often triggered by the thought of someone “leaving” them or not being appreciated by the public. This causes them to constantly worry about what others think and change their conduct to please everyone. Cancers tend to be more worried when they look bothered about a statement or what a relative might think.


Leos are proud and confident, yet their insecurity and envy reflect their anxiety. Leos spend so much time on themselves that they feel insecure. It's true that you must take responsibility for your life and how you made it, but they go too far. Leos feel uneasy when they're jealous of their ex's new relationship, disappointed they didn't get what they wanted, or acting out of character.


Virgos adore garbage together. Like, they strive to be effective, well-rounded, holistic members of their families and communities, doing great things and assisting others. (Yes, Virgos are tired.) When things aren't going well, their worry rises, and small things really bother them. Virgos show worry by micromanaging and controlling everything. Mania increases anxiety, and the cycle continues.


The most sociable Zodiac sign is Libra. Charming, friendly, and love-struck. They are socially-oriented and may not realize it, but they are at their best when they see their loved ones. The largest indicator of Libra worry is that they withdraw themselves, shun others, and seek alone. Even shy Libras require close friends. They don't recognize that isolating themselves is worsening their anxiousness.


Scorpios are emotional, and when something bothers them, they typically obsess over something that isn't the issue. They may be overweight or poor. Scorpios feel secure expressing their worries. Those who worry they will never meet a love partner may obsess about their hair or other people they envy. Unfortunately, this coping method pulls individuals further from their goals.


A healthy Sagittarius needs lots of stimulation. To be fulfilled, they must read new books, explore new cities, meet new people, and develop constantly. When they have anxiety, they typically bury themselves and settle for something they don't desire or find fault with everything around them. Their problem is accepting less than they desire, not that they can never settle down. The distinction matters.


Because it's absurd, anxiety frustrates Capricorns. Capricorns love rules, structure, and understanding, so they project their unresolved feelings onto others. Capricorns who struggle often overinvest in assisting their relationships, tutoring those who don't need them, or getting involved in others' businesses. All coping mechanisms, though. They must face their concerns eventually.


Aquariuses struggle with anxiety. Considering their action-oriented and intellectual nature, they have one of the worst responses of all the signs. They are strange, out-of-the-box thinkers with big imaginations, which don't work well with worry. They overreact to benign stimuli, become angry toward harmless individuals, and overreact until they realize they are being foolish, then continue on as if nothing happened.


Sad and insane, Pisces work best when they are experiencing minor emotional turmoil. Discomfort propels them into hyper-creation, and they achieve more than they expected. Their worry fuels them, and they may be the most healthy indication of the group. While we can't prevent worry, we can regulate our response. Pisces thrive on converting their anguish into good.

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