The astrological elements that provide the most valuable guidance, listed

Advice is like junk mail—you always get it but seldom consider it. The zodiac signs with the finest advise are rare. These signs know how to console you and tell you the hard facts, often from their own experiences. Next time you're in a bind, consult the zodiac signs who offer the finest advice:


Aries have a mommy bear instinct with the other zodiac signs, so they'll patiently listen to you and then fight your battles for you.


Patient, polite, and empathic, Taureans may not know how to save the world, but their conversations are free of I-told-you-sos, even if it's your twentieth sorrow in the same blow-hot-blow-cold relationship.


Due to their two identities, Geminis are unpredictable. They can wipe up your tears and go errands for backup Kleenex one day then give you harsh love and tell you to get over yourself the next.


Despite your anguish, a Cancer is bleeding. Their kind and compassionate nature has your best interests in mind, even if they're overprotective.


Leos have 99 issues, but listening to you isn't one. Asking for their guidance in a critical crisis can evolve into a detailed discussion of what they would have done—but only because they feel the world can learn from their shining example.


World rulers? Not Virgos, who discreetly control everything and keep trains on schedule. Let them provide their finest counsel and watch them shine.


Libras love the underdog, and nothing gets them more fired up than injustice against the weak. Ask them for honest, impartial advise, even if it's hard to hear.


Scorpios may provide the secure place you need to heal from life's blows. They are also princesses of retaliation, so whomever put you down should sleep with one eye open.


Here today, gone tomorrow. Sagittarians have wide minds and worldviews to give you the greatest life advise, but they're hard to keep when you need them.


Find a helpful shoulder to lean on and whisper platitudes elsewhere. Cap can calmly solve any situation in a crisis.


Like Cap, an Aquarian's free-thinking spirit may zoom out of a difficulty and offer you the broad picture perspective you need to overcome your pity party and pull yourself together in a crisis.


Call the nearest Pisces if you want a sympathetic ear, not a life advice lecture. They will provide a safe outlet with understanding and care.

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