Start 2023 with zodiac-sign-colored clothes.

In 2023, we're halfway through the first month, and Vogue has you covered with your year's favorite color. Your birth star can help you choose the correct color to match your personality.


Aries think their fiery red sign is number one, but 2023 soothes them with white and yellow. Bold and bold, this year is about winning with fresh magical beginnings.


In the next year, this earth element's energetic color is green. Your Taurus's trustworthy and passionate attitude is blessed by the pantone color. These stubborn earth signs look great in pink and white and will be remembered for it.


Gemini, with its yellow and green colors and distinctive twin flame, seeks harmony this year. White and fortunate green accessories would bring this air sign mental calm. Find your core and release negativity


Cancerians may find that white, crimson, silver, gold, and lemon yellow improve their energy and attract pleasant vibrations.  Dedicated and nurturing, these water babies will shine in heavenly time.


Main character power Orange, yellow, and pure red will make this year generous, making Leo more bold and dazzling.  Gold accessories and the above colors make Leos the focus of attention, so good luck!


Virgo's 2023 horoscope indicates that blue, green, and light yellow may help them succeed in life and career. Despite its simple color scheme, this earth sign sticks out in a crowd.


Libras, who brighten up others, may pick this career in 2023. Libra favors vivid and dramatic colors, yet light blue and white can help you calm down. Taylor Swift wrote Mirrorball about Libras, and 2023 is bright for these water lilies.


Scorpios are patient and generous. They might be stubborn and controlling or emotional and deep. Scorpios wear black, but in 2023, they may be lucky with white, crimson, and orange. Scorpios are biblical about trusting the process, even if it means accepting loneliness.


Sagittarius contains dark yellow, orange-yellow, green, and an enthusiastic blue. As optimistic as ever, this fire sign will voyage within in 2023. Bring flora to unwatered areas to go into a zone.


Saturn-star Capricorns may attract positive energy with their black and purple radius.  Black will soothe this earth sign and make them more tolerant. 2023 Capricorn is covered with healing and optimism. Your tenacity can make miracles happen daily.


Light blues and purples may help Aquarians retain balance. A dual-natured water group member who is very smart and creative may deviate from social standards, which is fine.


Pink has arrived in Pisces, which is great since it may provide you the insight and determination you need to succeed in business and relationships. If you can mix yellow with feminine pink in 2023 without pushing, this water sign may prosper.

Stay tuned for developments.