How the different zodiac signs fall in love

Modern love's a wild ride, turning zodiac believers into emotional wrecks. Through the ages, stars guided romance, offering hope. Today, lovers turn to horoscopes and natal charts for insight. Astrologer and tarot reader Anisha Banerji,


Ariens, the youthful zodiac, are vocal about love—it's an adventure to them. Partners love the attention but may take time for a true, deep bond. Usually, it takes a few relationships for Ariens to nail that connection.


Taurus, ruled by Venus, thrives in love, beauty, and romance. They spoil their loved ones with earthly comforts. Yet, their stubbornness makes them linger in unfulfilling relationships longer than they should, reluctant to step back.


Geminis adore their voice and captivated listeners. Their flirtatious nature can unsettle partners, but don't take it too seriously. They express themselves through words. Give them room to talk it out and let them be.


Cancerians adore home and are major flirts. They're sensitive and know how to woo you. They cherish space and prefer familiarity over spontaneous adventures. For them, familiarity breeds love, not contempt.


Leo, the vibrant teen of the zodiac, makes stellar partners. Generosity and kindness are second nature; they love spoiling their loved ones. However, they crave partners who initiate adventures, not always taking the lead themselves.


Analytical Virgo's romance is intriguing. Flowers might not impress, but acts of service win their hearts. Yet, they can be nitpickers, often let down when partners don't meet their high standards.


Librans, ruled by Venus like Taureans, adore romance, creativity, and being wooed. They value curated gifts and keenly notice unfairness. Their attraction lies in intellect; looks take a back seat for them.


Scorpio: dark, magnetic, and secretive. They'll confess love openly, but only after the intricate dance. Until they know your deepest secrets, they feel a lack of trust.


Sagittarius, the zodiac wanderer, craves a partner for adventures. They thrive when exploring life together. Philosophers at heart, they love experimenting and detest pettiness in relationships.


Saturn-ruled Capricorns are duty-bound and traditional in love. Certainty matters more than guarantees. Kindness attracts them, and meaningful, historical gifts hold their heart.


Aquarians thrive on eccentricity and creativity in romance. Friendship equals love; they cherish individuality and morals in partners. Soft-hearted, they adore small acts of tenderness, not necessarily traditional romance.


Pisceans: compassionate, sensitive, and nurturing partners. Many adore the idea of love. Grounded partners keep them balanced, pulling them out of dreamy clouds.

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