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Wallace believes he's dead when a reaper collects him from his funeral. Wallace believes he's dead when Hugo, the proprietor of a strange tea business, offers to assist him cross. When Wallace has one week to pass over, he lives a lifetime in seven days because he won't give up the life he barely lived.


1939 New York City. Joe Kavalier, a young artist trained in Houdini-esque escape, recently left Nazi-occupied Prague, his greatest accomplishment. He wants to make a lot of money quickly to free his family. His cousin Sammy Clay, from Brooklyn, needs a partner to create the heroes, story, and art for the latest American dream: the comic book. From their ideas, fears, and wants, Joe and Sammy write the Escapist.


Allies believed Hitler's army was beaten in September 1944 and expected Christmas to end the war. Mistakes during the Battle of the Bulge added eight months. Max Hastings' fascinating and realistic major war and Eastern and Western Front stories about prominent characters. This riveting story covers the last months of the 20th century's biggest conflict.


Kit Brightling, one of Queen Charlotte's fleet's few female commanders, worked hard to become Isles CrownCommander. Kit's little ship is fast due to her peculiar marine connection. The queen sends Kit on a risky mission with an unwanted companion. Kit is unfamiliar with Continental War veteran Rian Grant's objectives and has dealt with too many Beau Monde members. 


Marion and Shiva Stone were twins from a secret relationship. A magical link and a passion of medicine unite them after their mother died and their father fled. After medical school, Marion and his brother fell in love with the same woman and fled Ethiopia. The twins mature as Ethiopia nears revolution.


Like her mother, Rue is Marse Charles' plantation's all-knowing midwife, healer, and curse-caster. Rue, her family, and Varina, the plantation owner's daughter, had secrets before and throughout the Civil War. Personal relationships and sins across ethnic lines during captivity and freedom dominate this story.


An English translation of the Russian novel written at the height of Stalin's regime, in which Satan, disguised as Woland, arrives in Moscow and wrecks havoc in the literary community, targeting The Master, a novelist who wrote about Pontius Pilate.


I must die horribly. Man who committed suicide despite having everything to live for speaks terrifyingly. In her grief, fear, and rage, his widow, Jane Hawk, seeks the truth. A shocking percentage of skilled, respected, happy, and healthy individuals commit suicide. After discovering why, Jane becomes America's most sought fugitive. Anyone who threatens a critical secret will be killed by her formidable opponents. 


Half-fae After her Faerie family rejects her, Toby runs away to the human world, but the death of an important countess forces her to investigate and return to her fairy identity.


Linus Baker lives alone. He monitors government-run orphanages as a Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth. Linus receives a strange and confidential assignment from Extremely Upper Management to visit Marsyas Island Orphanage, where six dangerous orphans live.


Jessamyn Teoh attributes her hearing a voice to stress. She discovers the new voice is her estranged grandmother's spirit. Ah Ma was a spirit medium and Black Water Sister avatar. Now she wants Jess to assist her get revenge on a business magnate who offended the deity, whether she wants to or not.


Ruth and her younger sister Lucille are raised by their competent grandmother, two humorously clumsy great aunts, and Sylvie, their dead mother's eccentric and distant sister. They live in Fingerbone on a glacial lake in the Far West, where their grandpa died in a train catastrophe and their mother drove over a cliff.

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