Ranking the top sleepers by zodiac sign

A special breed of zodiac signs sleeps best every night, while others toss and turn. What do they have that you don't? Find out which zodiac signs get the best sleep by examining how they receive enough REM:


It's hard to slow down an Aries whose mind is like a runaway train destroying everything in its path. A restful sleep sounds nice, but they'll sleep when they're dead.


Taureans have the perfect nightly regimen for nights when sleep eludes them. Check: white noise machine, aromatherapy candle, zillion-thread-count bedsheet.


A good night's sleep is hit or miss for this sign. No in-between—they either sleep for 12 hours or stay up all night to obsessively Google which moisturiser contains snail semen.


Cancerians, moon-ruled nocturnals, can fall asleep when they feel cherished and cared for by their loved ones or a cozy throw pillow.


Becoming the best at everything is exhausting, and a Leo would probably click snooze when they fell asleep if their brain didn't relive their best moments.


Virgo has a plan for everything, so you'd think they'd figure out how to get eight hours of sleep—if only their brain wasn't chewing itself up over that one little thing that didn't go as planned.


Libras love balance, so they send a good night text with the right number of emojis, check their diary, and turn off from reality at a decent time to let their dream world take over.


Being the repository of everyone's secrets is hard. Scorpios try to fight it, but the mental tiredness from maintaining the fort on the group chat typically overwhelms them and they fall asleep each night.


A Sagittarian won't see and explore the huge, bright world by closing the blinds at 10pm, quelle horreur. They'd rather take the red-eye, watch an Adam Sandler marathon against their better judgment, and remember to sleep when their eyes stick shut during breakfast.


Like everything else in their life, Capricorn views sleep as a tournament, knowing how many cycles of REM sleep they need to wake up rejuvenated.


Every day, Aquarians calculate the best approach to preserve the world and run it through the algorithm again to optimize the process. The mental training prepares their brain to shut down around midnight and rest before the next day.


This sign, ruled by dreamy Neptune, can easily escape reality every night and have problems leaving their confectionary-hued fantasy world in the morning.

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