Ranking the most popular zodiac signs

Few places can an arbitrary social hierarchy thrive like a group chat. The most popular zodiac signs shine, while the least popular use thumbs-up emoticons. For the latter, remember that not everyone needs the biggest voice and that sometimes one-on-one is better.


Aries can jump to the last level of the think, feel, speak pyramid before they've thought things out. But when you need a reality check and a serious talk, this is your straight shooter.


This earthy sign always replies first at weird hours of the night, but only because they were up over-analyzing that one stray emoji in the group conversation. The upside-down emoji means what?


Meet the zodiac twins, who will hold your hand and send precisely the appropriate amount of cheer-up memes after a breakup yet strangely leave you on read when you need help booking an Uber.


It's hard to handle Cancerians' intense, gravity-defying devotion. Group chat dynamics' constant change? They prefer to wait and talk to people.


Leos are the centre of attention in group chats, whether you love them or despise them. Their recent hiking excursion photos: 1,56,342.


You can deliver that "I told you so" bomb at the right time, but a group chat's easily-frayed egos don't allow Virgos to take charge.


Unfortunately, a group chat is not the place for a Virgo to unleash their natural dominance; there is an appropriate time and place for a 'I told you so' bomb.


This sign isn't afraid to be blunt and tell it how it is; nevertheless, their charisma makes it impossible to take offence when they point out that you're wearing the same thing twice in a group chat.


No one can turn that frown upside down like party animal Sagittarius. On slow news days in the group chat, this symbol stirs things up—and sometimes the pot.


Everyone wants the truth, but not everyone can handle it. A Capricorn is caught between these dynamics and their not-so-hidden irritation at the group's brunch picking incompetence.


The virtual ghosts of the group, Aquarians can be easy to overlook in the chat—perhaps because they zone out in critical conversations, but largely because they left the group on mute ages ago.


A Piscean is a friend to all and here to share good vibrations, even if their inability to resist posting weird flashback images at dawn hurts their appeal.

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