Ranking the most daring zodiac signs

While we're always excited about new adventures, examining the most adventurous zodiac signs might reveal how well we handle change. Our list of the most adventurous zodiac signs might help you open your zodiac sign to the unexpected, whether it's a romantic leap or a life change:


The zodiac's leader, this fiery sign enjoys being first and has an act-first-think-later attitude toward anything new or difficult.


Taureans need stability and security as earth signs. Nothing scares them more than the unknown beyond their carefully built comfort zone.


Taureans, being earth signs, have a deep-seated desire for consistency and safety. The unpredictability of what lies outside their carefully constructed boundaries of safety is their greatest source of fear.


A caring crab's heart isn't made to race for the thrill of adventure. As a result of lunar influences and links to family history, it like to spend time at home, bundled up with loved ones, and trying to relax.


This fire sign's major character energy makes them fearless when it comes to taking on new challenges and upping the stakes; the satisfaction of triumph is well worth the risk.


Based on their relentless pursuit of perfection, Virgos distrust everything beyond their sphere of influence. When pushed into an uncharted territory, they always have a well-thought-out strategy.


Because they thrive in a steady environment, Libras aren't great with upheaval. When they do make a drastic change, nothing can stop them from giving it their all.


This sign is secretive and intriguing, drawn to the unknown. They use curiosity as a tool to explore life rather than impulsivity.


No sign of routine is more repulsive to the resident risk-takers of the zodiac, the Sagittarians. They go headfirst into unseen dangers in their pursuit of exciting new experiences.


This earth sign wants to travel—if they can find the time. They love new locations and experiences, but they won't cheat on their five-year plan because it may rob them of life's opportunities.


Aquarians embrace change, even if they are not adventurers. Their eagerness to stick out and follow novel experiences accidentally makes them the herd's idol.


This sign is sensitive and passionate, and they know how to listen to their heart. If it brings them together with someone who can't ignite their adventurous spirit, they may also develop a preference for staying indoors.

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