Optimal aquatic workouts for summer weight loss

You know you need to lose weight, but the thought of working up a sweat in this heat after a long day at the office seems like torment. If this sounds like you, then we have just the way to get in shape. Take some swimming lessons to cool off, or if you're an expert, go in the water immediately!

Swimming is a great total body activity. Every action you take when swimming or otherwise moving through water is countered by the water's own resistance. Combine it with some swimming workouts, and your calorie expenditure, muscle toning, and weight loss results will skyrocket. So get your costume on and find the local swimming pool to practice these strokes and workouts.

In order to perform this workout effectively, you'll need access to a pool and a pool noodle, which you'll float on while standing crookedly, putting the most strain on your abs.  

Prior to inhalation, open your eyes, and upon exhalation, close them.   Avoid contact with the floor and refrain from reclining.   Attempt to orient your body in a manner that mimics the posture of sitting on a chair. 

To effectively target your abdominal muscles, incorporating strokes and leg kicks into your workout routine is highly recommended.   Irrespective of your position - be it lying on your stomach, back, or side - these leg workouts with a kickboard are highly efficient in fortifying your abdominal muscles.  

Contract your abdominal muscles with minimal effort, while maintaining a streamlined position and keeping your chest up above the water's surface.   This will enhance your swimming speed and use your core muscles, while minimizing fatigue. 

To strengthen your arm muscles while in the pool, assume a position with your feet aligned and close together, submerging your shoulders and extending your arms forward.   Perform a motion like the opening and closing of scissors with your arms.   During the outward movement, make an effort to rotate the palms of your hands in an outward direction. 

When executing the inward motion, rotate the palms of your hands inward.   Attempt to alternate between using a set of diminutive scissors and a pair of more substantial scissors.   This workout not only enhances muscular strength and definition in the arms, but also provides advantages for the upper back, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. 

The secret to excellent legs is to always be using them. The backstroke and the dolphin kick are two strokes that provide an excellent lower body exercise. The full body is involved in both of these strokes, although the emphasis is on the legs. The most efficient kicks are the backstroke and the dolphin kick, which utilize the entire leg. 

Keep in mind that your flutter kick backstroke should be driven by your thighs and not your knees. Keep your knees from going in too far, and always remember to point your toes. Putting your hands out in front of you and your legs together is the simplest form of the dolphin kick. A full whip may be seen from nose to toes.

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