This month's odd HUB edit links fashion to your zodiac sign. Astrologers think Zodiac signs shape personalities. From powerful Arians to diverse Geminis, energetic Librans to seductive Scorpions, your Zodiac sign may affect everything. Do you understand your clothes may reflect such traits? Create zodiac fashion and change your personality using astrology.


Classics make the finest Aries fashion statement. For a look that can take you from work to a date to a late-night beer with a friend, focus on the essentials. Crimson, navy blue, and other bold colors highlight you, yet black fits. Army and warrior style includes arm cuffs, leather, and metal buttons.


Bold accessories and items may help you stick out in the space for grit and glam. For a simpler summer, choose khakis, jeans, and polyester-cotton blends. You adore trying new meals, so include that into your clothing style. Use your strong colors to rock any outfit day or night, weekday or weekend.


Try modern colors like Silver, Spring Green, Pastel, and Pale Grey with yellow and white as your base. Express your Gemini individuality with patterned shirts and white bottoms or shorts, or other beachwear. Mostly for rounder necks, pair graphic tees with simple khaki shirts to look stylish in the summer seascape.


An overdressed Cancer will always be present! You're a refined lady with clean lines and a classic style. Try a boho blouse or borrowed-from-the-boys button-up with your finest necessities this year. Need guidance? Talk to your Pisces friend.


Fiery Leos are known for their stubbornness. They carry grudges and bark more than bite. Leo, don't be afraid of the fearless—they're the most faithful buddies and should be in your squad. Leo, let your inventiveness, enthusiasm, and love for life, love, and attention inspire a daring new clothing.


Virgo, you enjoy classical and honed silhouettes. Add an unexpected touch to your style with red and white, your power colors this year. You exude an air of sophistication that shouts “look at me” without being excessive. Your characteristic woman in red appearance will arise from your slight style restraint this year.


Living dangerously! Libras are wild and resort to the dark side of their closet. Greys, blacks, and navys are your classics; add studs, metallic trimmings, and leather embellishments this year. Add softness with a lace or velvet blouse to those severe lines.


You are one of the most secretive Zodiac signs and sport this trait. Scorpios always seem polished—how do they achieve it? You dress by habit, so keep your favorites near this year. Your style issue? Add a mysterious (like you) touch to your closet this year.


You're a goofy with a great sense of humor, and your style reflects this. In the new year, embrace clean, feminine shapes and polished, unfussy style. Add bold shapes and dramatic accessories this year to push your style boundaries.


Capricorns love comfort, which makes sense given your sign rocks in winter. Change up your staples in the new year with a different shoe style (mules anyone?) or trendy pants.


To express your passionate personality, try vivid designs and colors in your style. It's about highlighting you, so use your style to be noticed. Be bright, Aquarius!


You free-spirited, fun-loving gal. People admire your good-natured humor, love of life, and warm attitude, but you also give them serious style FOMO. Always eye-catching but never over-the-top, this year is about flowing silhouettes and an easy-breezy feel.

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