Is there a special ability associated with each zodiac sign?

Wondering what superpower your zodiac sun sign gives you? Unfortunately, superpowers don't exist, but it's interesting to envision each sign's capability. Astrology says if the zodiac had supernatural abilities, they'd be based on the signs' personality qualities (such Aries' passion or Cancer's insight) and ruling planets and elements. We'll reveal each zodiac sign's real-life "power" and potential superpowers!


Mars rules Aries, a fiery, impetuous fire sign. Their aggression makes Aries passionate yet prone to strike out when upset. Aries would manipulate fire to harness their endless energy and explosive rage if they had a superpower.


Taurus is methodical and practical.[1] Once they get a beat, nothing can change them. Taurus has an excellent internal clock and manages their time better than other zodiac signs, therefore time travel and manipulation would be their ability.


As Mercury rules communication, Gemini is the ideal social butterfly and chameleon. Dual-mindedness is also common. They can instantly alter their appearance to suit any scenario. If they possessed powers, Geminis could shapeshift into anybody due to their fast intellect and flexibility!


Cancer is an introspective and spiritual water sign controlled by the Moon, the planet of emotions and the subconscious.Since Cancers can perceive others' thoughts and emotions, divination (psychic powers and future prediction) would be their greatest strength. Cancer is a caring sign and may heal.


If Leo had abilities, they'd come from their imposing presence everywhere. Leos might lead and control animals using their leadership trait. As the Sun, the planet of ego and self, rules Leo, they may radiate brilliantly and spread sunlight wherever they go.


The humanitarian earth sign Virgo loves helping people and is useful. Healing and purification would be their superpower because they're good at fixing problems and offering advise (because they think they know best). Virgo would cure and “fix” their loved ones if they could.


Libras might telekinetically alter physical objects with their acute mind if they possessed superpowers. Air sign Libra thinks quickly and likes learning about anything from inanimate objects to the human psyche. Thus, Libra's intelligence and attention may grant telekinetic skills.


If abilities existed, Scorpios would have psychic mind control because they crave power and authority. Scorpios may easily enter others' minds due to their intuition and emotional sensitivity. Their intuition might also give them clairvoyance.


Because Sagittarius is so restless and adventurous, it seems to reason that they would have the ability to teleport or fly. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, thus this sign has a strong desire to broaden its horizons and experience as much of the world as possible.


Capricorn is the most ambitious of the earth signs. They have a fantastic work ethic and unlimited desire, but that drive to achieve might leave them feeling rather weary occasionally. If Capricorns had superpowers, invisibility would allow them to take a break and regroup when they felt overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities.


Aquarius, governed by Uranus, the planet of invention, independence, and surprises, thinks beyond the box. They're clever, therefore superhuman intellect would suit them. Aquarius loves freedom, thus flying would let them escape when they were trapped.


Pisces is a spiritual and imaginative water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and creativity. Pisces' inventiveness and love of the occult would allow them to astral project and enjoy out-of-body experiences.

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