How Well Does Libra Get Along With the Other Astrological Signs?

Cardinal air sign Venus rules the seventh house of partnership, therefore Libras are infatuated with one-on-one. Artists and social butterflies, they are. Like the Scales, they'll twist themselves into knots to maintain peace, balance, and justice. Libras enjoy calm, sociable, relationship-oriented, and breezy people.


Libra is six signs from Aries, the zodiac's first fire sign. This duo will feel like they're speaking separate languages or sides of the same coin. Libra, controlled by Venus, avoid conflict at all costs, whereas Aries, ruled by Mars, like fighting. If they can accept each other's differences, these fun-loving initiators might form a strong connection.


Taurus and Libra are quincunx, or five signs apart, which is problematic. Libras like to hop from party to party, whereas Taureans are homebodies who struggle to change their weekend plans. Venus, their monarch, may save them. They appreciate art, elegance, and romance. Taurus and Libra might compose a passionate narrative if Taurus is more adaptable and Libra honors Taurus' customs.


The third-placed Mercury-ruled changeable air sign Gemini is trine, or four signs away from Libra, one of the most compatible angles in astrology. Libra, both super-social air signs, knows what Gemini needs to be centered: engaging discussion, connecting with people, and exchanging lively ideas. Style-conscious and joyful romantics. This is one of the zodiac's most *chef's kiss!* pairings.


Cancer, the cardinal water sign and fourth zodiac sign, is three signs from Libra, a demanding yet potentially energizing aspect. Both cardinal signs love companionship, home life, and all the benefits of having a mate. As an air sign, Libra's romantic attitude is more logical, whereas Cancer's heart-first approach may cause confusion. But focusing on their shared love can rescue the day.


Leo, the fifth sign and fixed fire sign, is sextile to Libra, creating a happy relationship. Both are obsessed with romance and attention. One of the most famous Leo-Libra couples, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, characterized roaring 1920s grandeur in dazzling Paris and Cap d'Antibes, which cater to Leo and Libra objectives like mingling, elegance, and love. Warning: Libra's airiness may annoy Leo, and Leo's bossiness may annoy Libra, but they'll always have fun.


Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign and changeable earth sign, is semisextile to Libra, an unpleasant aspect. Semisextiles usually cause confusion, but these two get along well. Libra is indecisive and flighty, while changeable Virgo also goes back and forth. Both like to tidy and decorate their shared area and fix others' or each other's concerns.


Double Venus-ruled, partnership-oriented, social butterfly energy in two Libras may be alluring but ambivalent. Libras have trouble committing and may resist taking a stand because they want to see all sides. Libras may waste too much time and energy trying to please each other, delaying important conversations to avoid conflict.


Scorpio, the eighth zodiac sign and fixed water sign, is semisextile to Libra, which can cause conflict. Scorpios are serious, feel passionately, and are typically preoccupied by sneaky planning to get an advantage. Effervescent Libras enjoy being present and making a mark on their social group above taking command. Both appreciate intimacy, proximity, and charm, so they may agree.


Sagittarius, the ninth sign and changeable fire sign, sextiles Libra, creating a friendly association. Sag makes jokes in front of the public while Libra makes sure everything is perfect. Both love people, entertainment, and eye-opening adventures. Libra may simply dislike Sag's unrestrained, soapbox ideas. As truth-seekers, they'll agree.


Capricorn, the tenth and cardinal earth sign, is square, three signs from Libra, making it dynamic or tight. They appreciate each other's big-picture initiative creation and execution as natural initiators. They like being recognized for their efforts. Saturn dominates Cap, making him ordered and controlled, whereas Libra is more fun. 


Aquarius, the eleventh sign and fixed air sign, is trine to Libra, the "as good as it gets," harmonic pairing, four signs apart. They're influential power couple since they're people-oriented and mentally active. However, Libra, controlled by gentle Venus, likes classic romance and fashions that eccentric, mainstream-loathing Aquarius, ruled by rebellious Uranus, may find monotonous. 


Pisces, the variable water sign and twelfth zodiac sign, is quincunx, five signs from Libra, an uncomfortable angle. Pisces is passive and waits for their turn, unlike Libra. Pisces are emotional and would rather remain home than attend a show, whereas Libras are wired to connect. 

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