How to seduce by zodiac sign

It may seem impossible to attract someone based on their zodiac sign, however everyone feels sexy because of their physical and emotional traits. Finding out what gets people hot in bed might be as simple as knowing their zodiac sign.


Aries, the first sign, wants to win in the boudoir. Inspire their strong energy with light role-playing to generate competition and sparks.


For an earth sign like this one, love is about more than just the physical; they need to let their guard down and feel every feeling while they're with someone. If you want to turn up the sensuality and stimulate their senses, try using a blindfold.


Remember that Geminis are gregarious creatures and can lose interest quickly if not kept engaged. A few dirty texts during the day will generate anticipation for the action at home.


For this emotionally grounded sign, love is about passion. Take your time creating the tone with a romantic meal à deux, mood lighting, and personal discussion before heading to the bedroom.


Off-the-cuff won't work since Leos' brains control their hearts. It will take all your attention to gain theirs, so be creative with things just the two of you can enjoy, like taking personal photographs that make them feel like the center of your world.


A meticulous Virgo is thrilled to see how much you put into preparing a night out. It may be traveling across town for organic mushrooms from their favorite childhood dish or making sure the linens are clean before bed.


Libras need balance—too much will frighten them away. Indulge their luxury tastes with a gourmet meal and a shopping spree. If you feel daring, sneak a quickie in the trial room without anybody noticing.


Scorpios are passionate and love to challenge authority. Turning off the lights and letting them drive will unleash their wild side and reward you generously.


An adventurous Sagittarius is always eager for new experiences, so ordinary ideas won't work. Instead of a candlelight meal, take a romantic camping trip and whisper sweet nothings into their ear while basking in the blaze for a memorable night.


Capricorns are ambitious and goal-oriented in bed. Send them provocative photographs on their way home from work to set the stage for a great night in together where they may explore their thoughts.


Make careful to engage an Aquarius' head before their body since they spark intellectually first. They want to try new things, so what worked for your ex won't work here—breathe and get ready to experiment.


Pisces love fairytales and are hopeless romantics. To win them over in bed, leave a trail of petals on the bedroom door or schedule a movie night with their favorite romcom so you can snuggle.

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