How to heal from a heartbreak in accordance with your astrological sign

Breakups never get easier, no matter how much you've suffered since your primary school infatuation refused to share their swing on the playground. However, the cosmos can teach you about the zodiac signs after a breakup and how to handle it—and most crucially, what to do differently when Cupid leaves.


Long, in-depth chats to process your thoughts and find closure to move on? Yawn. As the zodiac's rams, you're known for avoiding emotional matters and just moving forward till you feel better. Probably. If you're honest, it looks questionable.


Taureans are generous lovers, but they stay in relationships too long since Venus rules them. Dealing with lingering sentiments is then ignored to save your dignity and present a game face to your ex.


Leaving a dead-end relationship isn't a clean departure for zodiac butterflies. Heartbreak often swings between maybe-we-can-make-it-work and I-hope-to-never-run-into-you-at-the-grocery-store.


Like the crab, your rough shell covers a delicate inside. You don't want anybody to know about your mini-breakdown when "Driver's License" sounded on the radio. The world believes you're OK and have gone on


The lions of the zodiac wheel view a breakup as a competitive sport—either you win or you lose. Few realize that striving to win the breakup is a smokescreen to hide how much you loved your ex.


Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgos, the zodiac's rationalizers. They like to sit down and explain what went wrong to avoid harsh emotions and are delighted to see you at a party.


The scales represent your world of equilibrium. You can accept a relationship that was failing, but an unexpected breakup? Expect lifelong triggers from ‘can we talk?’


As a water sign, you may appear calm after a breakup, but your step-by-step breakup protocol, starting with blocking your ex on Instagram and deleting all your photos, has taken years to perfect.


Sagittarians, the final fire sign, are thrill-seekers. No girlfriend, no breakup cry—something greater is coming. What is the acceptable time to wait before unexpectedly meeting that beauty in your gym?


Your distant, disconnected demeanor may seem like you don't believe in love, yet you're bold enough to know when to cut the connection and leave a bad relationship.


The last air sign of the zodiac wheel, your approach to breakups might be unusual, but you want your loved one to recover and go on.


The zodiac fish love imagination, and a breakup might be the reality check you need to swim away. If your ex shuts down emotionally after a split, it takes some handholding to get back to singlehood.

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