Guide to Engaging in Lunar Bathing Aligned with Your Zodiac Sign 

A moon bath is a simple self-care practice. A moon bath celebrates our alignment to the moon cycle and nature, making us feel more connected to the outside even if many of us stay inside to flatten the curve. As part of self-care, moon baths allow us to satisfy all our emotional needs. Moon regulates sea and ocean tides. 


The Arian way of life is defined by the pursuit of one's passions, for which the sign is well known. However, when they are unable to speak up, they may feel trapped. This elixir will inspire Aries (even when they don't believe they can) to take the initiative and pursue their passions.


The Bull is incredibly selfless and will give their last dollar to protect their loved ones. It's easy for them to put everyone else's needs before their own, so a self-love bath for one is just what they need to remember how amazing they are.


Geminis are the zodiac's multitaskers because of their quick minds and ability to come up with innovative solutions to problems. Only in a soothing bath will they be able to take a deep breath, let go of their worries, and enjoy the moment.


Anyone, even a sentimental Cancer, might find it difficult to live and love through their feelings. The lunar babe glows (like the Moon) while talking about their deepest emotions and the people they care about. This bath will give them time to think things over and relax.


Cleopatra bathed in milk to recreate her glamorous mood; Leo will love this wonderful tonic for its ability to elevate their own royal status for the same reason. Plus, it'll let the passionate lion indulge in all the self-love and luxury that's so dear to the heart of the Leo.


They say Virgos are the most laid-back of the zodiac signs. However, when their calm mood is tempered with, they lose their sereness pretty soon (TBH it's a matter of seconds). This elixir will keep them level-headed when their tolerance for stress is at an all-time low.


When it comes to love, Libras like to dwell. Although Librans like romantic relationships, they frequently second-guess themselves to ensure they are making the best possible choices. This bath will facilitate communication between their rational minds and their passionate hearts, allowing them to realize their deepest amorous wishes.


As intuitive and emotional beings, Scorpios will benefit greatly from this bath's ability to heighten their natural psychic vibe. It will also shield them from anyone who try to "gaslight" them or otherwise trick them. They won't buy into the drama since they can quickly spot the falsehoods.


The archer's burning need to seize each moment gives them superhuman abilities. However, once bitten, they may be reluctant to try again and may give up if they are unsuccessful. By relaxing in this bath, they may let go of their masks and finally feel comfortable being themselves.


Since the sea-goat is mostly always focused on business, taking a money bath might help them achieve their materialistic dreams of global dominance. or at least have a good track record with money and investments. This dish also helps increase luck around scholastic and professional undertakings too.


There are occasions when the water bearer becomes too inebriated (mainly because they are the watery portion of air and hence absorb a lot of emotions). They'll need to take a bath once a week to wash away the tension of other people's problems (which aren't theirs to begin with).


It's not uncommon for a Piece to become agitated and overworked because they try to juggle too many tasks at once. The sea witch will feel completely at ease and relaxed after soaking in a bath of calming chamomile and lavender, which will cause all cares to melt away as they drift off to sleep.

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