Guide on Selecting Wedding Flowers Pertaining to You're Astronomical Signature


Like the brilliant poppy flower, people born under this sign are fiery and bold. Like you, the poppy grows wild and recklessly in fields. Their wandering stems usually appear like they're trying to leave their arrangement, but they provide movement to a bouquet or centerpiece.


Tauruses enjoy beauty and luxury, and nothing captures their spirit like a flower with many petals and generous size (dinner plate dahlias may grow as big as your head). Dahlias are best grown in fall, but gorgeous varieties are available year-round.


The twin sign Geminis usually have two personalities. The rich and full double tulip—named for its more than twice as many petals as a conventional tulip—makes a superb compliment to the Gemini. After opening, they resemble peonies rather than tulips.


Cancers are lovely and tender like hyacinths. Blue hyacinths symbolize truthfulness, which this sign knows well. These flowers are ideal as accent flowers but may also stand out in a bouquet or centerpiece.


Bold, competitive, confident Like the single King Protea flower, Leos seek attention. This huge, sculptural bloom looks best alone in an arrangement with a few foliage elements, but its distinctiveness and size make it impossible for other flowers to compete with it (Leos know that!).


A clean lily of the valley is the perfect match for meticulous Virgo. This iconic bridal flower is commonly used alone in bouquets since its delicate small blooms will be overshadowed and fade.


Libras want everyone to be happy (as the sign of the scales, they want everything fair and equal), and no flower is more popular than the peony. When used sparingly, peonies, typically face flowers, balance a bouquet!


Scorpios are intriguing and magnetic, yet like roses, they may sting you unexpectedly. Scorpios are scorpions and may be vicious if you cross them. Garden roses are traditional and full, although there are many other rose kinds with less thorns.


Sagittarius is joyful and ambitious. Bougainvilleas are brightly colored flowers that grow rapidly regardless of the environment. Wisps or stems can be added to an all-white or colorful tropical bouquet.


Hellebores, often known as Lenten roses, are hardy combatants that bloom in winter. Mountain goats represent Capricorns' hard labor and professional focus. Hellebores have become popular and pair nicely with other flowers or alone for a delicate, sweet bouquet.


Aquarians are daring, autonomous, and unique. Japanese magnolias are as individualistic as Aquarians, with huge, beautiful blossoms on long branches that are impossible to overlook and mix.


This fish sign's delicate, dreamy folks are typically lost in their own world. Sweet peas are delicate and sweet like Pisces!

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