From the Most Approachable to the Most Cold-Faced the twelve zodiac

However, some zodiac signs seem to have this affection for their romantic relationships, friendships, and even acquaintances down to a science (and always have enough love for everyone), while others can barely give more than one person their full attention (and barely a smile when they do).


Aries wants someone who appreciates her energy. They don't flirt with everyone, but if they have a strong connection, they'll exhibit their true self and hope others can keep up.


Taurus is romantic and will go all out for you if they think a big gesture is worth it. Tauruses show affection in public, private, huge, tiny, and virtually every day.


Being loving requires Gemini to let their guard down, something they don't always do well. They prefer the chase, not the catch, and flirting, but when the other person returns their devotion, they are afraid. It may be too near to be sensitive, so they prefer casual dating to serious relationship.


Cancer is one of the most romantic signs. Additionally, they're inventive. Always expect a surprise because they don't appreciate repeating romantic techniques.


Leo is cold and haughty when things go wrong. They hate hearing "no" and struggle to try again after being rejected.


The thought counts for Virgo, and Virgo is always thinking about you. They want to show affection in their own manner to remind you that they're always there for you, even when they're not.


Libra constantly wants to hold hands, kiss, or flirt, so whether you've been together for three months or three years, they'll be uber-affectionate to keep the romance alive.


Scorpio's captivating charm makes them hard to ignore. They like to demonstrate affection with words since they know what to say to stay on your thoughts all day.


Sagittarius may believe they have a reputation to preserve, which includes letting everyone know they're single and happy.


Capricorns are self-controlled, thus they may not always exhibit their affections for you. They look cold and stupid when they try to think practically about their feelings.


Since Aquarius avoids emotional expression, anything that involves letting down their guard and talking about their feelings is off limits. Instead of accommodating others, they focus on themselves and their ambitions.


Pisces is incredibly loving, even if they're not dating. Even if you only saw each other a few days ago, they'll show you some love to show you they missed you.

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