Find Out Which Brand of Water Is Best for You Based on Your Astrological Sign.

Water is the most overlooked component in keeping healthy, appearing young and energetic, and treating hangovers. But drinking a water brand that doesn't match your zodiac sign is bad for you. See which iconic water brands match each zodiac sign below. It's in the stars, right?


Bold and confident Aries are among you. Moderate, laid-back people with minimal complaints. Because tap water is low-maintenance, they prefer it. In their modest view, it's convenient and tasty! Change is sometimes Aries' style. Aries may enjoy life's joys with a modest slice of lemon or lime in their cup, but nothing too exotic. 


Poland Springs, one of the world's most trusted water brands. Taurus are one of the most loyal, reliable, and realistic people. I'm sure if you know one, you'll instinctively favour their laid-back appeal. Poland Springs too. People always choose this water brand when given the choice. Poland Springs' refreshing flavor and fridge beauty seldom disappoint. 


Dasani adapts to the times and changes their appearance while sticking to their mission. This also applies to Gemini, the most flexible and inquiring zodiac sign. Dasani's innovative Drops and Sparkling Water meet several of our needs. 


Aquafina has the most inventive gaming ads and tastes great. Aquafina and Cancers are drawn to each other since they are both inventive and can sell you anything. Ads for Aquafina make you think it's the water you should and should drink. 


Fiji belongs to our kind-hearted Leos who love to travel most. Drinking from a Fiji bottle is almost as amazing as tropical island vacations. Leos are drawn to Fiji's volcanic purified water since they are fire signs. For a Leo, nothing beats relaxing on the beach with a Fiji bottle. 


Virgos love crisp granola and nature, so Evian is ideal. The earthiness of the Evian brand matches Virgos' lifestyles. The firm calls their water band a "geological miracle" since it comes from a subterranean spring that collects rain and snow over 15 years. Like most Virgos, Evian works hard. 


If you're lucky enough to know a Libra, you're undoubtedly already familiar with their outgoing and even temperament. The Crystal Geyser brand of water is ubiquitous in American high school cafeterias. This is so because it fosters both a pleasant place to live and a promising future. 


When it comes to sparkling water, there is no brand more unusual than Perrier. Some of my close pals will not drink anything except Perrier now that they've tried it. The fiery commitment of a Scorpio's desire is the initial pull for this drink. 


The quiet Voss is a sign that may be picky about its surroundings. A Sagittarius has a big heart and high ideals. They are very picky about the finer things in life. Voss water bottles have a certain allure for them, and they like using this to make a good impression on their visitors. 


 Capricorns would be wise to stick to Nestle products wherever feasible. Every drop of this filtered water is guaranteed to be pure, much like the traditional, responsible, and self-controlled Capricorn. It may be shipped to your home and even delivered.


Aquarius has the greatest intellect, independence, and uncompromising soul. It is a fixed air sign. Thus, Aquariuses should have SmartWater in their fridges. SmartWater is electrolyte-flavored vapor distilled water from the sky. Aquariuses may relate to SmartWater since it originates from their most defining element.


Water-children Pisces. This makes sense as the most expensive sparkling water is kept for persons whose aura is characterized by water. San Pellegrino, the most sparkling water brand, can boost luxury at any gathering. You'll never tire of it, but if you do, try another flavor.

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