Favorite Snack by Zodiac Sign

Breakfast may be more essential and dinner most romantic. No sensation beats stealing a nibble. One of life's greatest joys, a person's favorite munchies may reveal a lot about them.


Aries are no strangers to voicing their thoughts. Like what you like, desire what you want. However, as a natural leader and trendsetter, you don't mind trying new things.


Taurus, you have snack food preferences. You enjoy your vices whenever possible. You prefer classic flavor combinations like peanut butter and jelly, vanilla with caramel, and strawberries with chocolate.


You're willing to explore new things because your tastes vary daily. Gemini, an air sign that loves variety, should eat something varied. The best of both worlds is what Geminis seek.


Cancer, you want familiarity. You appreciate homemade or comfort food snacks because eating brings people together and creates memories.


Leos prefer large, bright, showy things. Always willing to invest more for the highest quality. That includes your snack preferences. Leos enjoy expensive goods, so is it any surprise you appreciate fresh fruit?


Your fastidious nature, Virgo. You're not tempted to abandon your aims. Even though you're the healthiest sign, you want ice cream for dinner every night. Lucky you, we can help.


Libras enjoy themselves. You enjoy quality, so a special snack suits your sophisticated tastes. Your favourite snacks are simple and let the flavors on your dish shine. Anything too much, good or evil, is unhealthy for you.


Scorpio energy is intense, therefore you need something more than snacks to satisfy your appetites. Slowly, your favorite meals develop taste or intensity. Most importantly, your food should have several flavors so you don't become bored halfway through.


Sagittarians are lovely and lively, yet they grow restless. However, your freewheeling nature makes you open to new experiences. As risk-takers, Sagittarians face less intimidation. Traveling abroad or returning to school to finish your degree requires the right food.


Though Capricorns are known for their seriousness, you like guilty munching like everyone else. Classic things—nothing too sweet or complicated—are your jam. Finding a snack that tastes like Grandma's cookies doesn't hurt either.


Aquarius is quirky and unique, like to break norms. It's normal that you prefer homemade snacks. Aquarius is the zodiac's rebel, so try an old favorite for snack.


Pisces have vivid imaginations. You're creative and require many outlets for your energies and dreams. Pisces prefers snacks that appear like living art and are too pretty to eat. Why not search overseas for a sweet pleasure other than milk and cookies?

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