Experience 12 Exceptional Global Cuisines & Restaurants That Promise to Amaze You on a Personal Level

Food surpasses survival; taste, among our five senses, connects us intimately with the earth. Each flavor explosion leaves us marveling at the wonders nature crafts in each unique taste.


You adore meals that are simple to make, enjoy, and share! When choosing dishes or restaurants for friends, appetizers are your priority. You can't resist endless nachos, exquisite oysters, and beautifully crafted charcuterie boards.


Venus controls your taste and delight, thus no zodiac sign has a finer palette. Sweet, delicate flavors inspire. Pistachio, saffron, and rose in Persian and Mediterranean food evoke poetry. Because you never want to leave the dinner table hungry, you can never put all your koobideh skewers and ghormeh sabzi on one platter. 


You have a lot on your mind and many places to be, but Mexican food is always reliable. You adore the ease of eating a street taco in two bites and the excitement of sharing fresh guac with pals. Sharing a Mexican-style supper is fun and always fills you up.


You're a water sign controlled by a crab, so eating crab makes sense. Cancers reside on beaches and thrive where land meets water, so eating seafood could give them superpowers. When you eat a freshly shucked oyster in mignonette sauce, you undoubtedly feel like a mermaid.


Because dinner is a chance to perform and socialize with the cast, you treat every meal like a production! Dinner means more to you than eating delicious, world-class food. You don't need a particular occasion to book a five-star restaurant because you deserve it.


Starting the day strong makes Virgos happy, therefore they love breakfast. It's the most crucial meal of the day since it can set you up for a productive day or a noontime energy dump.


Libra, you're drawn to beauty. That's why you love dessert—food fills your stomach, but sweets please your soul. You could spend hours looking at bakery windows, and the prospect of buying pastries from a Parisian boulangerie always makes you want to fly to Europe.


Scorpios crave for warmth and mystery in their food, so Cajun and Creole appeals to you spiritually. Shrimp gumbo takes you to exciting places with each spoonful of flavor.


You may be a foreigner, but your cuisine tastes like Fourth of July picnics and enormous burgers. Jupiter, the planet of excess, dominates you, therefore comfort food is best for hunger. You may have wondered why nothing tastes like butter and carbs, but you persist.


Capricorns like heavy, purifying meals, so Chinese or Korean food may be your favorite. The classic sesame oil and sweet-sour chicken always make you feel refueled. You can appreciate the time and patience required to fold dumplings and brew kimchi.


Our favorite part of eating is with friends, family, and acquaintances. Your meal is more about the company than the cuisine. Italian food pleases everyone, and you adore the idea of producing more than anyone needs.


The ideal dish takes you. Spices should take you away, and textures should comfort. Thai and Indian cuisine may transport your taste buds. You like its strong flavors that might turn even the biggest meat-eater vegan and its balance of heat and creaminess. MUST HAVE

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