Exercising to combat skin laxity after significant weight loss

The fad diet and pills are effective at helping people lose weight quickly, but they do little to improve the appearance of muscle tone. Losing a lot of weight quickly can cause sagging skin, which can be demoralizing and make you seem older. 

Rapid weight reduction is especially hard on the skin of the arms, thighs, and abdomen. Sagging skin can be easily corrected by surgical means. However, it might put a serious dent in your wallet due to its high cost.

Physical activity is an alternative to surgery; while it is certainly time-consuming, it is relatively inexpensive and yields superior results. The following are five exercises that can be performed to eliminate sagging skin.

You've finished one repetition when you've brought it back to its original place. Perform 15-20 repetitions of this move.

Elevate your hands laterally until they reach the level of your shoulders, ensuring that your palms are oriented downwards. This will result in your body becoming a T-shaped position. 

Activate your core muscles, align your spine and descend the weight towards the back of your head until your elbows reach around 90-degree angles. 

Assume a high plank position by aligning your wrists just behind your shoulders and keeping your toes tucked in.   Maintain a neutral body position from head to toes. 

Assume an upright posture with your back oriented towards the staircase.   Position your hands at a distance equal to the width of your shoulders on the edge of the third step. 

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