Ex-ESPN commentator David Pollack joins anti-trans'save women's sports' organization.

In advance of the 2020 presidential election, David Pollack stated that he does not talk politics. I avoid politics on Twitter.

Pollack tweeted during the first Joe Biden-Donald Trump debate, "Not my place to tell you how you should feel and who you should support." I hope both guys tonight had more respect.

Pollack posted on X (previously Twitter) on Thursday complaining about transgender women in women's sports. The tweet contained a faked photo of Pollack being recognized at Georgia 

 after his College Football Hall of Fame induction, holding a banner that said “Women’s sports is not a transfer portal for mediocre male athletes who compete as women #SaveWomensSports.

Pollack and his defenders will certainly argue that his essay isn't political, but the topic has grown very politicized, especially on the right, in recent years. Despite having a strong opinion, Pollack never wrote about the topic until after ESPN fired him this summer.

Pollack has made many postings on “protecting women and their sports” since late August, but most of them have been quick comments on retweets of others, including ex-ESPNer Sage Steele.

Pollack's Thursday post, in which he tagged Steele, Joe Rogan, Clay Travis, Ted Cruz, Riley Gaines, 

and an NCAA Transfer Portal parody account, may indicate that the former first-round pick is ready to take a hard turn into politics. Not hard to predict which way.

Stay tuned for developments.