Easy 15-Minute Breakfast Sandwiches

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

This breakfast sandwich is tasty and healthy thanks to egg whites, whole-wheat muffins, and spinach. Add some low-fat cheese to egg whites for taste, protein, and calcium.

Leftover Pancake Breakfast Sandwich

Make excellent sandwiches on Monday with leftovers from a huge pancake meal on Sunday. Tiffany13 says breakfast sandwiches are "knife-and-fork breakfast than an eat-with-your-hands sandwich," so bring utensils or napkins.

Fried Egg Sandwich

JUSTCYN microwaves this comfort-food breakfast for speed, ease, and minimal cleanup. Slide the egg onto bread after 45 seconds in a microwave-safe dish with butter.

Tom's Scrambled Egg Sandwich

This toast-topped scrambled-egg sandwich with mayo and mustard is the simplest. Like Sarah Campbell, add a slice or two of cheese and broil the sandwich open-faced to melt it.

Breakfast Sandwich Heaven

No breakfast sandwich is more decadent than a glazed doughnut sandwich! This sandwich features eggs, cheese, and sausage on unique bread.

Muffin Morning Makers

These customisable breakfast sandwiches will please your kids if they enjoy drive-thru ones. Sarah Jo fries eggs in a pan using an oil-sprayed cookie or biscuit cutter.

Quick Breakfast in a Pita

The Herbie's Home Fries recipe helps Jillian "add a little pizzazz to cooked and diced potatoes." A pita bread pocket is ideal for storing breakfast delicacies for simple consumption.

Sweet Breakfast Sandwich

If you're craving something sweet, make this breakfast sandwich. Chocolate hazelnut spread, bananas, and marshmallow cream form a decadent breakfast or dessert.

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