Each Astrological Sign Has Its Own Unique Magic Tone.

Colors may appeal to you if you have a one-color house or a childhood costume you won't take off (mine was purple tie-dye corduroy leggings and butterfly hair clips like Lizzie McGuire). Every zodiac sign's power color explains that! Use, decorate, or wear your zodiac power color to highlight your sign. Your power color? Sign failures.


Red is cheerful, assertive Aries' strength color. As a fire sign, they are passionate, determined, leaders, and adventurers, therefore red—a color of intensity, romance, celebration, danger, and excitement—fits them. Put on crimson lipstick to show your authority.


Green is the power hue of the Taurus zodiac sign because it is the one constant on Earth, exactly like a Taurus. Green is recognized for development, relaxation, connection, peace, innocence, and reliability. When you want to feel rooted, green is the color to wear.


Yellow, the hue of sunshine and optimism, is a great choice for the optimistic Gemini. Like the color yellow, which is associated with joy and optimism, people born under this sign tend to be gregarious, savvy, and laid-back.


Cancers are dual-power hues white and silver, representing their loyalty, intuition, care, and sensitivity. These hues are as pristine and beautiful as flawless diamonds, crisp white sheets, and a freshly painted canvas. Cancers might find peace, comfort, and optimism by donning white or silver.


Gold is the best choice for Leos who wish to stand out from the crowd while still exuding their natural sense of confidence. This hue is typically linked with monarchy, money, prosperity, and extravagance, so you'll feel cheerful, giving, and like the star you are.


Virgos are known to be perfectionists, devoted friends, and hard workers who are dedicated to bettering themselves. Green and brown are the natural hues for this Earth sign. Brown is a natural, trustworthy hue, while green is a natural, healthy, and energizing color; both are found in nature.


Libras like balance, calm, generosity, and indulgence. Pink and blue, opposites yet complementary, are this sign's power colors. Blue is restful, associated with the ocean or sky, honesty, intellectuality, and thinking, whereas pink is relaxing, associated with love, femininity, optimism, and compassion.


Perhaps the most mysterious sign in the zodiac, Scorpios are daring, ambitious, secretive, and forceful. They wear black, the color of sophistication and authority. Wearing all black may be a powerful symbol of your strength and curiosity.


Wearing the color purple might make a Sagittarius feel even more approachable, humorous, truthful, and impulsive. Purple's connotations of opulence, royalty, intelligence, elegance, mysticism, and serenity will help you relax and open out to others.


Capricorns are responsible, grounded, pragmatic, and hardworking. Neutral brown and gray are their strong colors, perfect for any wardrobe or environment. Brown symbolizes seriousness and stability, whereas gray is neutral, uncertain, between black and white, stable, mature, and mysterious. Capricorns are subtle yet essential to every design.


Aquarius' power color is blue—creative, socially concerned, independent, sociable, and powerful. This bright, lovely hue calms and delights. Blue symbolizes art, jewels, water, thinking, calm, and tranquility. Wear blue to relax and be creative.


Since Pisces' birthdays are before spring, their power color is a fresh bright green. Green symbolizes fresh growth, health, nature, relaxation, connection, and energy, and this sign is emotional, empathic, creative, and spiritual. Take a walk in nature to recharge.

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