Discover the musical genre that resonates with your zodiac sign.

Micheal Bonshor, a Music Psychology professor at the University of Sheffield, emphasizes the deeply therapeutic influence of music. He explains, "The neural pathways involved in processing sound impact the brain's limbic system, governing emotional responses, memory, and behavior. Additionally, music has the potential to decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure, and alleviate cortisol, the stress hormone."


Absolutely! Aries embodies that raw, unfiltered power akin to the Stooges' "Raw Power" album. They're close to the edge, unafraid to embrace truth, and are constantly charging towards their desires and impulses, much like hurtling at high speed towards every impulse of the ID. They're the trailblazers, leading with an unbridled intensity that's both thrilling and dynamic.


That's a compelling analogy! Taurus indeed finds resonance in classical music with its association with stately elegance and composed rage expressed through precision and controlled passion, much like the tight strings of a bow. Like classical music's enduring presence throughout history, Taureans embody endurance and steadfastness, refusing to yield or compromise.


The influence of Mercury, the planet of communication and exchange, on Gemini finds a musical counterpart in jazz. As Wynton Marsalis aptly notes, jazz is the "power of now," devoid of a fixed script, much like the dynamic and spontaneous nature of Gemini. Jazz embodies a musical conversation, where emotions are delivered through split-second decisions as musicians respond to the ever-changing demands of the moment. Living in the present, engaged in the sacred exchange of musical dialogue, and improvising on the spot—this mirrors Gemini at their most mutable and musical best.


The bond between Cancer and country music is profound. Country tunes capture the essence of the past, mirroring Cancer's nostalgic ties. Through simple three-chord melodies, it immortalizes tales of lost love, hardships, and the quest for home. Memory, like the genre's lifeblood, sustains Cancerians, fostering an emotional connection to the past, much like an amniotic fluid nurturing their sentimentality.


As per "Complex Magazine," the hip-hop origin story traces back to August 11, 1973, at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. DJ Kool Herc's pivotal moment came during a "back to school jam" for his younger sister, where he fused scratching, breakdancing, and MC'ing, uniting these formerly independent elements that would shape hip-hop.


Virgo and heavy metal share a lifestyle, not just a music genre. It's more than listening; it's embodying a lifestyle akin to a religion for a sign associated with temple worship. Virgos, with their symbol of the virgin and a mild superiority complex, align with the discipline and precision of heavy metal. Just as metal heads balance purism and elitism, Virgos, with their exacting nature, resonate with the genre's requirement for discipline and attention to detail.


Under Venus's influence, Libra gravitates towards the agreeable, the difficult to dislike, and the effortlessly enjoyable—whether it's pop tunes, hummus, sitcoms, or any Paul Rudd movie. Libra embodies the essence of pop music: crowd-pleasing, subtly rebellious, and intentionally appealing with an innate charm.


Scorpio governs the eighth house, delving into realms of sex, death, and transformation. The blues, a metamorphosis of pain into music, mirrors Scorpio's fixed, profound depths. It echoes both sweetness and suffering, conjuring images of grave dirt, slamming doors, straining mattress springs, mournful wails, and the relentless beat of survival. Scorpio embraces the darkness but detests insincerity, just as the blues cannot be fabricated; its essence lies in genuine emotion and sorrow.


Sagittarius draws from the centaur symbolism of Greek myth, much like the birth of musical theatre in ancient Greek theaters around the 5th century BCE. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and exuberance, Sagittarius' spirited, mutable fire nature finds harmony in the colorful, comical, and upbeat world of musical theatre, mirroring their love for happy endings and joyful sing-alongs.


Capricorn's tarot card in the Major Arcana is the Devil, aligning with rock 'n' roll's infamous history as the devil's music. From Robert Johnson's legendary tale of soul-bargaining at the crossroads to Elvis Presley's seductive swivel and the Beatles inciting wild reactions, rock 'n' roll has remained the devil's companion, crafting the soundtrack of living freely.


Aquarius symbolizes community, activism, and ideals, much like reggae's connection to the Rastafari movement that emerged in 1930s Jamaica. Reggae isn't just music; it embodies Rasta principles of social justice and mystical awareness. Born on February 6, Bob Marley, the iconic reggae figure, epitomizes this ethos—carrying the torch as a visionary, free-spirited, denim-clad prophet who championed love and freedom.


Pisces thrives in altered states, whether from a whirlwind romance, a random gas station discovery, or astral projection. EDM becomes the soundtrack to their journey—immersing in the sonic, psychic pulse of getting lost and found, diving into the far-out experience.

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