Discover the following recipe that aligns well with particular astrological signature. 

Those familiar with astrology may have questioned if there's a great dish for their sign. You're born with eye color, fingerprints, smile, birthstone, birth month flower, and astrological sign, but your personality, habits, and preferences evolve later.


Charbonnierés says fire-element Aries are impetuous, brave, and energetic. She says that Aries like bitter and spicy food, leafy greens, beets, and other red veggies. This sign struggles with caffeine, chocolate, and black tea.


Charbonnierés believes Tauruses are solid, loyal, and seductive. She says carbohydrates, citrus, and fresh foods balance Taurus energy. Charbonnierés says Taurus should eat Italian since pleasure is a priority and many Italian foods are carb-heavy and cozy.


Air sign Charbonnierés describes Geminis as adaptive and communicative. Geminis like variety, sandwiches, Asian food, and fast meals. She advises eating nuts and seeds for energy.


Cancers, water signs, are loving and emotional. Charbonnierés claims salty leafy greens and herbs boost Cancer vitality. According to her, celery, kale, lettuce, and spinach are best. Beyond veggies, “any kind of comfort food and slow cooking will bring peace, calm, and good health to those with Cancer placements.”


Leos, fire signs, are dynamic, inspirational, and passionate, which manifests in their food preferences. Charbonnierés says Leos like pungent foods like onions, garlic, ginger, and radishes, thus a Middle Eastern or Moroccan diet is ideal. Especially for “roasted and oven dishes made with light and energizing ingredients,” she explains.


Earth sign Virgos are meticulous and like trying several cuisines. “Virgo energy matches tapas or paella. Charbonnierés claims the well-chosen foods will satisfy and nourish. Mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, sautéed onions, and meat work nicely with this energy.


Libras, diplomatic, sophisticated, and balanced, want elegance and equilibrium. Charbonnierés notes, “French is a natural choice for those with Libra placements.” She adds that carbohydrate-rich, lighter, brighter, and herb-accented dishes will align.


The Water Sign Scorpios are passionate, charismatic, and emotional. Charbonnierés says Scorpios appreciate “meaty, dense food with creamy sauces, like barbecue and many traditional American dishes.” She says strong tastes are best, especially with dark chocolate and red wine.


Fire elementals are lively, free-spirited, and adventurous. Charbonnierés claims their favorite tastes show their joy. Saggitarius likes sweet meals, from non-citrus fruits to rich sweets. Unprocessed sugar and good fats suit Saggitarius' busy days.


Earth sign Capricorns are trustworthy and steadfast. Charbonnierés claims Capricorns feel energized by fiber. Although cucumber, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and flaxseed “are particularly nourishing and supportive for the sign,” she says “traditional western dishes can warm the heart and belly of a Capricorn, too,” like pub food or classic home cooking.


Aquariuses are independent, creative, and open-minded. The ideal dishes for Aquarius are readily digested but flavored with uncommon components. Charbonnierés suggests Aquarius eat a vegetarian diet with simple carbohydrates, steamed vegetables, and soups for easy digestion.


The Water Sign Charbonnierés describes Pisces as perceptive, compassionate, and unbounded. A Mediterranean diet and Japanese food can energize Pisces. Olive oil, veggies, salads, and shellfish help Pisces digest and enjoy meals, she explains.

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