Dietitians' Top 7 Airplane Snacks

Beef jerky

Goodson recommends packing your favorite beef jerky on your next journey because this crucial vitamin is hard to transport. Beef contains 10 essential nutrients including high-quality protein, selenium, zinc, and iron, making it a nutrient-rich snack for running through the airport or flying high in the sky," Goodson.


Besides being handy, pistachios are nutritious. These are my go-to travel snacks with 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber "says Goodson. "Plus, 90% of the fat found in pistachios is the better-for-you unsaturated kind."

Homemade trail mix

By creating your own trail mix ahead of time, you may skip airport convenience stores and enjoy health-boosting components while traveling. The nuts have protein and healthy fats, while the dried fruit has fiber—all of which are three nutrients that keep me feeling satisfied," Amidor says.

Whole fruit

"I'm all about eating foods with lots of nutrients to help keep my immune system strong while traveling," Goodson. "Whole fruits like apples, strawberries, grapes, and bananas provide me with the nutrients to stay healthy and energized when on the go."

Protein bars

"Protein bars can be a great solution for times when you are stuck on a tarmac, or didn't get to grab a meal before you boarded the plane," Goodson. "

Celery and carrot sticks

"As 90% of Americans don't meet their daily vegetable recommendations, I try to include them in my diet every opportunity I get," adds Amidor. "When I'm taking a plane trip, I will pack sturdier veggies like celery and carrots that I can munch on during my trip."

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