Creating the Perfect summertime Beverage Aligned with Your Astrological Sign 

As the temperatures increase and time off work becomes more sociable and festive, you're probably looking forward to some festive, bubbly, glittering beverages. Colorful drink menus might be overpowering at happy hour with coworkers or dinner with friends. Try your own astrology if you're unsure where to start.


Since Aries is the first fire sign and the zodiac's first sign, Rams are usually young throughout their lives. Montufar deems them "one of the most fun-loving signs of the zodiac," thus Pounds' fresh, stylish Watermelon Mai-Tai fits their role as the host of a new season of warmth, opportunity, and new beginnings.


Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure, is recognized for its sensory perception. The fixed earth sign loves rich, snug, and sweet things, like a soft blanket, a vacation spot with warm temps and gentle breezes, or a sumptuous dessert. Pounds' Nut Your Average Float would suit the Bull.


The espresso martini is having a moment. Geminis, controlled by communication-loving Mercury, love trends, so they'll love it. Their upbeat, adventurous mood is complemented with Pounds' "go-to Friday date night cocktail" that "gives you the wake-up call you need but also takes the edge off."


Cancers value recollections. Therefore, they'll pick family-friendly beverages like mimosas. Mermaid mimosas, a sweet and boozy summer spin on the classic, appeal to the fun-loving cardinal water sign. "Sentimental Cancer needs a drink to sip on when reminiscing about the good ol' times at brunch with old friends," Montufar adds.


"Ruled by the sun, the fixed fire sign, Leo, needs a red-hot and exciting drink that reflects how special and bold they are," says Montufar. The royal zodiac host likes performing, getting applause, and taking Instagram photos. So a Lion can't go wrong with a blazing margarita.


Mercury controls the cerebral, perfectionistic earth sign (changeable). Virgos are sensitive and kind to family to aid. A Lavender Bee's Knees, a gin and garden essentials cocktail, suits the Maiden's love of floral, clean, and sweet beverages. "Lavender, honey, and lemon are a match made in heaven," adds Pounds.


Libras, ruled by Venus, the planet of passion, want to make everything Instagram-worthy. They also host the most, stocking up on wine and cocktail ingredients for any occasion. Indecisive, they can't decide between wine or a drink, so why not try a rose sangria?


According to Montufar, scorpions know how to turn up the temperature because they are controlled by both the passionate Mars and the transformative Pluto. The fixed water sign would love the Blackberry Habanero Margarita that is Pounds' trademark cocktail since it is "boldly flavorful, unapologetically spicy" and blends heat and sweetness.


Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, wants a drink that meets their wanderlust and is "perfect blend of daring and sophisticated," adds Montufar. Meet Pounds' Tokyo Sour. Sag, who loves trying new flavors like yuzu, a Japanese super-tart citrus, will love it.


Hard-working Capricorn, ruled by the taskmaster Saturn, is always striving to reach the summit of their chosen mountain. As traditionalists, they enjoy and take solace in the tried-and-true ways of yesteryear. Here's a warm and fuzzy alternative to the standard Old Fashioned: Pounds' Campfire Old Fashioned.


Aquarians, ruled by the revolutionary planet Uranus, are known to be unconventional thinkers and doers who aren't afraid to go against the grain. Because of this, they couldn't have anything ordinary in their drink of choice. A matcha highball would be the drink of choice because it is both daring and novel.


Empathic, sensitive, and highly emotional Pisces can't help but imagine and experience their deepest emotions. They wear rose-colored glasses and are zodiac poets under spiritual Neptune. Montufar recommends an artistic drink that calms and inspires. Since Pounds' Lemon Hibiscus Mule becomes pink like a sunset, Pisces would enjoy it.

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